You Can Score Great Deals at Lululemon Way Before Black Friday 2021, No Waiting Required

Lululemon doesn’t have a sale section—at least not word for word. The brand calls it “We Made Too Much,” and if you’ve ever bought something from the site, you probably understand why. For the uninitiated, Lululemon is a leader in all things activewear. Need to run a mile, or two, or ten? Its shorts and leggings are made to go the distance. Obviously, you’ll need a top and jacket, in case you prefer winding trails over a treadmill. Don’t worry, because you can take your pick from all the styles, lengths, and colors available. Or maybe you’re a yogi, trying desperately to master taraksvasana, and require the perfect pair of pants that’ll get you there. Well, the buck pretty much stops at Lululemon.

Indeed, the range the brand offers is just so good that collections often sell out without being discounted. This is because of the heavy emphasis it places on quality and style. Sure, many wave that banner, most of the time too carelessly, but Lululemon really means it. Ergo, when it says it has made too much, that’s probably the case. And when prices do get slashed—and significantly, too—it’s best to jump on it quickly. This sentiment is especially consequential on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

It’s still too early to know what Lululemon has planned for the two holiest days in e-commerce, but based on precedent, the brand will most likely add to its “We Made Too Much” section. Right now, the discounts are around 40 percent, and will presumably increase next month—so possibly 50-to-60 percent. If you lack patience, however, firstly, welcome to my reality; let’s form a club. Secondly, we rounded up some of the best styles, all with slashed prices, that you can buy now. We’ll also be updating this story with news until that big day, so bookmark this page to know what’s going to go down (literally) with Lululemon.

Barry Samaha is the style commerce editor at Esquire, where he covers all things fashion and grooming.

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