Optimistic Southwell and Haydock inspect

Officials at Southwell and Haydock are optimistic about their chances of racing despite calling inspections ahead of their fixtures.

Southwell’s meeting on Tuesday needs to survive a 7.30am check on raceday, while Haydock’s meeting on Wednesday is subject to a 2pm inspection on Tuesday.

Clerk of the course at Southwell, Paul Barker, said: “We’re very optimistic of racing and if the forecast is correct, we don’t envisage any problems.

“We got down to -2C Saturday into Sunday, the frost came out yesterday but we’re below freezing again now (10am Monday). It’s going to get gradually warmer throughout the day, possibly up to 6C this evening, so we’re just making people aware.”

Haydock is currently covered in a light frost and a dusting of snow, but a thaw is set to kick in on Monday afternoon.

As conditions are currently unraceable an inspection was called before declarations, but with temperatures due to rise to 10C on Tuesday, clerk of the course Kirkland Tellwright is also upbeat.

“If you are at any stage unfit (to race) you are obliged to call an inspection, so it is for that purpose,” said Tellwright.

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“In the context of the forecast we are pretty optimistic. We are not fit at the moment, but a thaw is to start this afternoon.

“We have a couple of days for it to sort itself out and the frost is not very deep in the ground.”

Source : Sky Sports