J.Crew’s Cyber Monday 2021 Sale Is Not to Be Missed

It was a pain to get up this morning. That’s usually the case post-Thanksgiving weekend, after I consume an immoderate amount of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pie for the better of three days. This year, I had a particular fondness for creamy mac ‘n’ cheese. As a result, my face feels like it’s been stung by a hive and my jackets just don’t want to button all the way. Match that with the lack of hot water when I took a shower, and my day, as you can probably tell, didn’t start off well. Then, while being shoved on a crowded subway, I received the alert that I needed: The J.Crew Cyber Monday sale landed. I had something to look forward to! The day began to look bright.

Indeed, J.Crew is never one to do us wrong when it comes to a great deal. Cyber Monday 2021, however, has a bit more oomph than what we normally expect. First and foremost, the whole site is on sale, including already-existing markdowns. Second, the sizes, in large part, are fully stocked, which means that you don’t have to settle for anything less than your top choice. Last but not least, the reductions are just crazy: 40 percent off full-price items and an extra 60 percent off sale items with the code CYBER. For the people in the back: Upwards of 60 percent off sale items! So, instead of crying (yes, crying) over how my jackets don’t button, I can just get a brand-new one at a mighty, mighty fine discount. And if you, too, had a miserable Monday morning, look no further than this sale for a pick-me-up.

Admittedly, there are maybe too many options to choose from, but knowing that heading to the office post-Thanksgiving is the worst, we decided to corral the best styles with their reductions in tow. Check ‘em out below and feel better about today.

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Garment-Dyed Slub Cotton Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

$39.50 (51% off)

Garment-Dyed Slub Cotton Hoodie

$59.50 (59% off)

Relaxed French Terry Sweatpants

$79.50 (57% off)

Performance Twill Shirt

$79.50 (57% off)

Leather Cloves with Cashmere Lining

$98.00 (60% off)

Rugged Merino Wool Cardigan Sweater

$138.00 (64% off with code CYBER)

Rugged Merino Wool Cable-Knit Sweater

$138.50 (57% off)

Camden Loafers in Leather

$148.00 (60% off)

Nordic Sherpa-Fleece Full-Zip Patterned Jacket

$238.00 (50% off)

Eco Nordic Field Parka

$398.00 (57% off)

Ludlow Car Coat

$548.00 (56% off)

Barry Samaha is the style commerce editor at Esquire, where he covers all things fashion and grooming.

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Source : Esquire