Is this the future face of women’s boxing?

Mikaela Mayer has “real potential” to be one of US boxing’s biggest stars and could also debut in the UK in 2022, said Top Rank president Todd DuBoef.

The undefeated American unified the IBF and WBO super-featherweight championships in her most recent fight against Maiva Hamadouche and is targeting the undisputed title.

But her journey to the top wasn’t always guaranteed, says Top Rank’s DuBoef, her promoter: “We were apprehensive about what to do in the women’s category. We had only dabbled in it, a decade before.

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Mikaela Mayer unified the IBF and WBO belts in a pulsating battle

“But she sold me on it.

“She has an out of the ring personality, but inside the ring, I wasn’t sure.

“Then her last fight was so sensational. She has delivered in so many fights.

“Nobody is the face [of boxing] but Mikaela is an important part, particularly in the US. In the UK and Ireland there is Savannah Marshall and Katie Taylor.

“Mikaela and Claressa Shields have done a lot in the US.

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Mikaela Mayer really let her hands go…

“After a performance like in her last fight? Mikaela grips you. She has real potential in America and I would also love to bring her to the UK.”

Mayer believes there will soon be changes in the upper echelon of women’s boxing.

“It’s not Katie Taylor anymore,” she said about the pound-for-pound No 1 best fighter in the world.

“I haven’t seen her perform in her past few fights.

“It makes me sad because I want a fight with Katie. I would go up to 135lbs to challenge her.

“I want to get her before she declines. She has had a great career.”

Image: Mikaela Mayer aims to become undisputed

Mayer’s fellow champions in the super-featherweight division are Alycia Baumgardner (WBC), who knocked out Britain’s Terri Harper, and Choi Hyun-Mi (WBA).

Mayer said about Baumgardner: “For some reason, she has this entitlement that ‘it’s her time’.

“I came for Harper when she had the belt. Now I’m coming for Baumgardner.

“It isn’t personal. She’s trying to make this like high school, saying ‘you are jealous’. No, I just wanted the biggest fight possible.

“She didn’t say my name after winning her belt. She doesn’t want to fight me.”

Image: Can Mikaela Mayer become the face of women’s boxing?

Mayer expects her two divisional rivals to fight each other first, and said: “Where is Choi? She isn’t active. She has held onto her belt, and is the longest-reigning champion in female boxing, but she doesn’t put it on the line.

“She isn’t a top player.

“I see Baumgardner winning. Two Americans for the undisputed title is a big fight.”

Mayer’s star shone in a history-making appearance outside of the ring alongside Crystina Poncher as the first all-female boxing commentary team.

But it is inside the ring, where she plans to return in March and hopes to become undisputed in 2022, where Mayer is making waves.

Source : Sky Sports