The 36 Best Subscription Boxes for Men’s Clothing, Tech, Grooming, and Everything Else

At this point, there are so many subscription boxes on the market that the mind positively boggles. Boxes for clothes. Boxes for wine. Boxes for liquor and food and dog treats and comics and cologne and candles. If it can be sent through the mail to your doorstep, you better believe someone out there has a subscription box service devoted to it. One the one hand, that’s great news: Convenience, new products to try, and all that good stuff. But the problem with this kind of proliferation of options is that, simply put, not all of them are going to be good. Some, in fact, kind of suck.

That leaves you with a couple possible courses of action. You could take a deep dive down the subscription box rabbit hole, formulating pro and con lists for every company that wants to send you a new outfit or bottle of Malbec in exchange for a few of your hard-earned dollars. No doubt you’ll find what’s right for you. But how much time you got? Because you’re going to need a lot of it. The second, highly recommended, course of action is to take a look at this list. We’ve scoured the internet to pull together 31 subscription box services in (almost) every category you can imagine—and there’s not a dub in sight. Subscribe with confidence. You got this.

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Trunk Club


Priced per item,

While we’d emphatically encourage every guy out the to take a little time to discover and develop his personal style, we also recognize that some guys just plain hate shopping for clothes. And anyways, if you’re really feeling lost, you have to start somewhere—with a little help, ideally. Trunk Club provides that necessary assistance, curating on-demand boxes that are priced per item (sans a membership fee). The company is part of Nordstrom, so the clothes you get are from legit labels, and you can keep what you and return the rest.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe


Priced per item,

Shopping with Amazon is already pretty damn easy—provided you’re a capable hunter-gatherer, ready to comb through the extensive collection and choose what speaks to you. If that sounds familiar, Amazon Prime Wardrobe is like your secret shopping weapon. No one’s curating a box for you, which means that you can let your personal style shine. But there is a box in the end, one that’s shipped to you with three to eight items to try out, plus a return label so you can return anything (or everything) that doesn’t suit you. Think of it like having someone at the store bring you stuff in the dressing room, just, you know…through the mail.

Bespoke Post


$45 per month,

Bespoke Post manages to balance one of the trickier elements of subscription boxes—the longing for the new and novel, and the countervailing impulse to opt out of surprises—impressively well. Each month, you’re offered a new box of goodies like grooming supplies, accessories, pocket knives, and more centered around a theme (“Revive” and “Explore” are two recent examples). But instead of just having the box arrive, you get to review it first, with the option to change it or skip that month entirely. Like having a surprise party, but getting a low-key heads up first.

Stitch Fix


Priced per item,

Falling hard for a piece of clothing only to discover it’s way out of your price range is a singularly unpleasant experience. Stitch Fix knows this. That’s why, in addition to personal style and size, the service lets you dial in a price range. That way, when the curated selection of five items—picked by an IRL stylist—is sent to your door, you can rest easy knowing that everything you decide to keep works for your wardrobe and your wallet.



$14.95 per month,

Finding a signature scent is a noble pursuit, but not necessarily an affordable one. Instead of dropping enormous sums on bottle after bottle of cologne—all while knowing that some of your purchases just won’t work out—sign up for Scentbird. The service lets you try out a new designer fragrance each month in an 8ml tester tube that gives you about 140 spritzes of cologne. More than enough to see you through to the next month.



From $25 per month,

Some folks are fine finding a liquor or two that suits them and leaving it at that. Those are not the folks Flaviar was made for. The club—and it really is a club, with live events and member pricing in the extensive bottle shop—lets you get adventurous with your libations. Try rare whisky and whiskey. Samples spirits entirely unavailable to normal shoppers unless they wing it to some far-flung locale. And get a full-size bottle plus an entire tasting box every quarter. Membership has its privileges.



From $15 per month,

Buying new razorblades is boring. Having them shipped to you by Harry’s every month, so you never run out and always get a close shave? That’s not necessarily exciting, but it’s certainly easy. You can also level up to plans that include shave gel, which is a handy little bonus. And speaking of bonuses: When you sign up, you can get a razor handle, cartridge, and shave gel bundle for just $5. Not bad.



$10 per month,

The OG of grooming subscription boxes is still going strong, and still offering up an impressive array of new products to try every month. And it really is about trying new things with Birchbox. Instead of full-size items, every month you’ll get an assortment of five sample-size selections ranging from pomade to eye cream to face wash. Test ‘em out. Find what you love. Exploring your options has never been easier.



$90 per shipment,

“Data” and “wine” might sound like strange bedfellows, but have you ever gone to the local wine store and been straight-up paralyzed by the overabundance of choices for a Pinot? Yep, us too. Firstleaf knows that’s not the most fun. So you start with a quiz to set your preferences. Then you get a shipment of six wines that should meet your expectations. You drink them. And rate them. And then you get another shipment, this time even more tuned in to what you like. Drink. Rate. Another shipment, still more specialized. And so on. In other words: Get ready for all hits, no misses. Drink up.



From $55 per month,

So you like streetwear but aren’t willing to line up for Thursday drops or chase overpriced grails on the secondary market. Sounds reasonable to us! And clearly it sounds reasonable to Threadbeast, which specializes in street-leaning clothes, shoes, and accessories from brands like Champion, Diamond Supply Co., Puma, and more. Each month, you get a box of goodies—there are three different tiers, with more picks as the price goes up—that are worth way more than what you’re paying. No lining up necessary.

Mash & Grape


From $69 per month,

On its face, Mash & Grape just looks like a (very good, very well-stocked) online liquor store. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find a pretty fantastic subscription offering—it just happens to be billed as a gift. Which, sure, you could give it to someone else. But you could also give it to yourself, because you’re worth it. There are six categories—whiskey in general, scotch, bourbon, tequila, gin, and rum—and each month you’ll get a bottle you probably wouldn’t have found on your own. The gift keeps on giving.

Watch Gang


From $29 per month,

A new watch every month—and you get to keep it. Sounds too good to be true, but thanks to the booming watch market right now, Watch Gang is able to make it happen at a monthly subscription cost that also sounds too good to be true. To pile on with the unlikely but real, the company also gives away a Rolex, a TAG Heuer, and a Seiko every week. It’s a long shot, but you’ve still got that new watch every month, so even if you don’t win, you win.

Bark Box


From $23 per month,

We all love surprises, sure. But you know who really loves surprises? Dogs, man. Dogs freaking love surprises. And thanks to Bark Box, you can give your Very Good Boy or Girl five of them—two bags of treats, two toys, and a chew—every month. You can also set dietary restrictions and include your dog’s birthday or adoption day to get an extra bonus for your noble canine companion.

Naked Wines


From $40 per month,

OK, fine. This isn’t a subscription box exactly. But you can buy boxes of wine, and that’s what really matters. Basically, you pay a $40 fee each month—it lets Naked Wines work with up-and-coming winemakers, ensuring new and exciting stuff for your collection—and that fee is credited to your account to let you buy, well…wine. Wine that will then be shipped to you so you can drink it while feeling good about supporting the little guys. Win win.

Outdoor Fellow


From $29.95 per month,

If you’re one of those folks who sees “40-50 hour burn time” on a candle and immediately starts worrying about when your time is going to be up, a candle subscription box is the way to go. Outdoor Fellow makes hand-poured candles in NYC from a coconut wax blend with scents like “Woods” and “Sandlewood + Pine Needle,” so you can always feel like you’re hanging out in a beautiful cabin in the middle of nowhere—even when you can hear your neighbors arguing through the wall of your apartment.

Atlas Coffee Club


From $4 per month,

The folks at Atlas scour the globe for the best beans in the game, and then, at the cadence of your choosing, deliver a bag of the good stuff right to your door. In each delivery, you’ll get one of the world’s best single origin coffees, a postcard from a new country, tasting notes and brewing tips for each batch.



From $19 per month,

You probably need new underwear. And socks, while we’re at it. Luckily Stance offers a subscription service that lets you replace your worn-out pairs every month or quarter. All you do is pick how many pairs you want to receive (one, two, or three) and what style you prefer. Easy.



From $39 per month,

If exclusivity is your thing, Winc is the wine subscription box for you. The company doesn’t just send you new reds and whites to try—it also creates them. That means that every time you get a shipment, you’re getting something entirely apart from what’s offered at the local bottle shop. Better yet, Winc will adjust future orders based on your feedback, meaning each box will be even more personalized than the last.

Blue Bottle Coffee


From $11 per month,

Some people are perfectly happy with a light-and-sweet cup of bodega coffee. You are not one of those people. Instead of shelling out for a fancy cup every morning, sign up for Blue Bottle’s subscription box and get single origins, blends, espresso, and even decaf (hey, it takes all kinds) delivered to your door each month.



From $147 per quarter,

You may have noticed—by which we mean you have definitely noticed—that the whisk(e)y market is absolutely booming right now. If you’d like to get ahead of the curve on everything from rare bottles to up-and-coming makers, Caskers is exactly what you need. The subscription box sends out just two bottles every quarter, but you can be damn sure they’re gonna be damn good. Plus, you can choose between American whiskey and world whiskey, so if you are (or aren’t) a scotch fan, you needn’t worry about unwanted bottles cluttering your home bar.

Bean Box


From $16.50 per month,

Coffee is a morning necessity, but it’s also a complex concoction just begging to be explored. Bean Box addresses both sides of the equation. You can sign up for bag deliveries to ensure you’re always stocked, or tasting boxes to let you find new and exciting varieties of your beloved brew. Take your pick.

Butcher Box


$129 per box,

“A month’s worth of meat in a box” sounds nice, but “a month’s worth of grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken, humanely raised pork, and wild-caught seafood in a box” sounds even better. That’s what Butcher Box offers. Choose what mix of meats you want and get cooking.

The Menlo House Club


$60 per month,

Getting a haul of clothes each month is fun in theory, but it might be too much for your closet. Menlo House streamlines things, delivering just two or three curated items each month for $60. The vibe is cool, but not overly so—think the guy who you have to look twice at because he’s well dressed but not desperate for attention. You can swap out anything that doesn’t fit right, and pause or cancel your membership any time.



$28 per month,

For less than $30 each month, Sprezzabox supplies you with the accessories and grooming products that’ll polish up your look—and, if purchased on their own, would cost a whole lot more than 28 bucks. Options abound for boxes, but if you ask us (and maybe we’re a little bit biased here), the Esquire boxes do not disappoint.

Plonk Wine Club


From $110 per month,

That buddy of yours who’s really into natural wines from makers that you’ve never heard of before but who make some really incredible product? There’s a decent chance he’s using Plonk. The subscription service focuses on interesting, small-batch varietals from all over the world that it’s unlikely you’d discover on your own. The quality—and, let’s face it, cool factor—is well worth the price of membership.

Loot Crate


From $24.99 per month,

Fanboys, heads up: If trolling eBay for collectibles and merch devoted to your favorite film or TV franchise is chewing up to much of your time, there’s a solution. Just sign up for Loot Crate and get beloved bits of new and nostalgic entertainment ephemera delivered to your door each month.

Fuego Box


From $17.95 per month,

There’s something about artisanal hot sauce that inspires fanatical devotion. If this is not news to you, then Fuego Box should probably be on your radar. Each month you get either one, two, or three bottles of hard-to-find hot sauce shipped to your door, and you can choose from mild-to-medium options or the kinds of ultra-hot concoctions favored by masochists and Hot Ones contestants.

Shaker & Spoon


From $40 per box,

You’ve already got your liquor coming via subscription box. Now, get everything you need to make great cocktails inspired by world-class bartenders delivered, too. Shaker & Spoor sends a new batch of three recipes with four servings each every month, so there’s always new mixological ground to explore. Just add booze.

Breo Box


From $144.75 per box,

So your bar cart and closet are fully stocked, but you’re still struggling with everything from how to stay hydrated (a good water bottle!), keep in shape (a jump rope!), and manage all those damn devices of yours (WiFi enabled plugs!). Breo Box is for you, curating an assortment of lifestyle products, home goods, and tech in each box, so you can stay on top of everything.

Taster’s Club


From $59 per month,

Maybe you love tequila but hate gin. Or you’ll swoon for whiskey but run from vodka. You get it: You’re a one-booze kinda guy. Well, now you can stay stocked up on it thanks to Taster’s Club, which offers 11 different club options, each devoted to a single spirit. More of an alcohol omnivore? There’s also a Stock the Bar option that mixes it up.



From $45 per month,

Traveling to explore the very best food the country has to offer is still tough. Getting Goldbelly to send you picks from top restaurants and chefs around the States, ranging from pizza boxes to roundups devoted to NYC or San Francisco? That’s considerably easier. Plus, it tastes really good.



From $99 per month,

Let Ian Cauble guide you down the right path to becoming a true wine connoisseur. Known for being featured in Netflix’s documentary Somm, the master sommelier curates the wine cases for the SommSelect Monthly Wine Club. Starting at $99 for four bottles, you can be privy to Cauble’s insight and selections, which are based on themes from grape variety to region.

Vinyl of the Month Club: The Golden Era


$24.99 per box,

In this era when music streaming services are de rigueur, Amazon has a subscription program that goes back to basics. Called “Vinyl of the Month Club: The Golden Era,” the behemoth online retailer offers a monthly shipment of one timeless record, chosen by the experts at Amazon Music. The selection largely centers on the greatest hits from the 1960s and ’70s, including albums from Aretha Franklin, Miles Davis, Pink Floyd, and Fleetwood Mac. For budding music collectors, this is the best way to get your hands on some of the best tracks in history.

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