The Camel Coat Is Still the Swankiest Outerwear Style

A gigolo, an American gigolo to be exact, wore the best camel coat in cinema. He was played by Richard Gere and outfitted by none other than Giorgio Armani. It was the late ’70s, and every man, regardless of their profession, was suiting up. Some did it with flares and bright colors to stand out at Studio 54. Others opted for plaid patterns to (surprisingly) fit in with their colleagues in a shared cubicle. But those with a corner office—those who traveled first class on TWA, dined at Delmonico’s, and read the Wall Street Journal every morning—preferred a sharp gray or navy two-piece suit, made bespoke by an Italian tailor. And their coat, of course, was camel.

This was the MO of Gere’s character, Julian Kay, a man who played the part of a business executive for rich married women who felt neglected by the real deal at home. His wardrobe had to match this persona, and no other coat telegraphs that more clearly than one made out of camel hair. Now, several decades later, the topper’s reputation hasn’t changed. Enter any steak house in the Financial District, and you’ll see a whole caravan of them. Patrick Bateman (an American of another kind) also had one. Hell, any high roller worth his salt—from Yeezy to David Beckham to Jerry Lorenzo—has several hanging in his closet.

The one difference, though, is that the style is no longer delineated by the fabric. Nay, a camel coat can be made of wool, cashmere, or blends that have both. The silhouette, too, can be a chesterfield, polo, wrap, duffle, car, or a trench—just nothing too lumpy. All that is required is that color stick to the animal it is named after: a brownish, tan-ish, beige-ish hue; it’s definitely not finite, and every brand has interpreted it differently, but anything that looks like it’ll camouflage you in the dessert is basically it. And we have 15 of the best just ready and waiting to give you the aura of distinction you’re looking for. Note: Like any man paid for his time, it costs more for top quality.

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Camel Wool Blend Heavyweight Car Coat

Amazon Essentials

Take this car coat for a spin. You’ll thank us later.

Stretch Coat

A chesterfield coat made of wool and cashmere—at $129? Again, you’ll thank us later.  

Unity Organic Cotton Blend Long Coat

Human Nation

Big and billowy, yet super sharp.  The folks at Human Nation do it again.  

Long Recycled Wool Coat

A camel coat—made out of a recycled wool blend—that’ll help warm you from the inside out.

Wool Overcoat

Lands’ End

Classic on the outside, yes, but this overcoat features a bevy of practical inner pockets, which is to be expected from the practical folks at Lands’ End.  

City Coat

Club Monaco

A coat primed for walking the chilly city streets in style. Just check out the name. 

Clarence Coat

You won’t feel the least bit constricted in the sleek, high-collar topper made of responsibly-sourced stretch melton wool.  

Ludlow Topcoat

Everyone should have a Ludlow suit, especially recent grads. And everyone should top it off with the coat that bears the same name.

Wool Blend Officer’s Coat

Schott NYC

Though distinguished for being the OG maker of motorcycle jackets, Schott NYC consistently shows that it offers timeless toppers of all kinds. This camel coat it proof. 

Visconti Coat

Elevated basics were essentially invented by the French founder of A.P.C., and this coat lives up to that legacy. 

Long Coat

Another great coat, from another great French label that proves that Parisians do camel better than most. 

Mid Brown Custom Made Overcoat


Behold: a custom-made coat done up in actual camel hair for way (way) less than you would expect. It’s still an investment, but it’s a very smart one. 

Italian Wool Double Breasted Officer Topcoat

Todd Snyder

Yes, we said that bit about the French, but Todd Snyder proves that American gents are great at crafting camel, too. 

Cashmere Overcoat

Saint Laurent

When it comes to this razor-sharp coat, think of three C’s: chesterfield, cashmere, and, of course, camel. 

100 Horsebit Print Coat

Last year, Gucci is celebrated a century in the biz, and this coat reflects some of the qualities that helped make the brand: sleek tailoring, quality fabrics, and the iconic horsebit. It’s well worth copping a piece of history. 

Barry Samaha is the style commerce editor at Esquire, where he covers all things fashion and grooming.

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