Brooklyn’s Bossa Nova Civic Club Closes Indefinitely Following Building Fire

Bossa Nova Civic Club, a Brooklyn hub for dance and electronic music, has announced that it’s closing indefinitely following a fire on the third floor of the building that houses the venue. Though the fire did not affect the first-floor space, efforts to extinguish the blaze resulted in significant water damage. “It’s safe to say we will be closed for a notable amount of time. We will update soon,” the club wrote in an Instagram story.

As Resident Advisor notes, the fire was reported on Wednesday (January 12) at around 9 p.m. via Citizen. According to reports, one tenant was seriously injured, and another tenant’s dog died as a result of the fire. Friends of Bossa Nova Civic Club have started a GoFundMe to support the establishment and its staff in the meantime.

Source : Pitchfork