Protect your privacy with this lifetime password manager

Between work, entertainment, and just accessing your bills, virtually everything on the internet requires an account and a password now. Remembering dozens of unique passwords is ridiculous, and using the same ones every time isn’t safe. Enpass Password Manager Individual Plan: Lifetime Subscription gives you peace of mind from secure passwords and the joy of not needing to remember them. 

This password manager will generate random, strong passwords and automatically fill in your login info and bank details whenever you need it. You can store the login info to all your sensitive information, and all of it will be safe, with nothing saved on servers. Plus, you’ll get alerts about websites with security breaches, and you can use Enpass to change your login info seamlessly. You can even log into Enpass with face and touch ID. 

Get Enpass Password Manager Individual Plan: Lifetime Subscription for $29.99 (Reg. $79). 

Prices subject to change.

Source : Macworld