Jacques Greene Announces New EP, Shares New Song: Listen

Jacques Greene has announced a new EP. Fantasy is out digitally January 28 via LuckyMe. Earlier today (January 123, Greene shared the record’s lead single “Taurus.” Check it out below, and scroll down for the EP art and tracklist.

“In my mind there’s a real soothing, meditative core to this,” Greene said of his new single in press materials. “And the almost relentless repetitive nature of the aggressive breaks is meant to tip over into full mediation mode. There’s angst—but there’s trying to move through it.” Greene continued: 

The things you hear when you’re alone. Walking through Mount Royal or other wooded areas you might notice a branch break. As much as I value my alone time and the subtle things you can pick up around and within yourself in those moments, a certain loneliness and anxiety permeates the quiet at some point. The past couple years created ample opportunity for that anxiety and loneliness to stretch its legs and make itself comfortable. This record was born out of weeks of willing a form of peace and inspiration into my surroundings. A large part of that came from working with Leanne Macomber on some vocals. Through a desire to form new connections and throw more humanity into the work. We made a variety of song sketches that I mostly reworked into the final recordings here. We spoke a lot about where our heads were at, certain key phrases, triggers and emotions. Joel Ford, whom I worked on Dawn Chorus with, mixed the record and helped me wrangle a few cats to get this across the finish line. Restless at home in Canada, feeling the restlessness of all my friends and loved ones I kept in touch with as much as possible, trying to make something that made the quiet a bit more peaceful.

Source : Pitchfork