Fear of God x Mr Porter Is Here, But It Won’t Last Long

Have you ever tried to snag a furiously sought-after Fear of God item on drop day? I’ll grant, if you’re reading this, that there’s a better-than-average chance the answer to the question is “yes.” Still, for the uninitiated, allow me to elucidate. The short version: It’s tough. The long version: It’ll drive you to distraction, because that’s a damn good sweatshirt (or jacket, or boot) you’re looking at right there on that screen, and you want to wear it, but so do a whole lot—a whole lot—of other folks, and if they’ve got a better internet connection or they’re faster on the keyboard or they’re just lucky, there’s a decent chance they’ll get it instead. I’m not trying to discourage you here. I’m just pointing out the obvious: This ain’t a game.

So, now that you know all that, I’m going to let you know that Fear of God has a new, exclusive capsule collection dropping with Mr Porter. Right now. As in, right this minute. You can keep reading these words and learn that, as Mr Porter’s buying director Sam Kershaw explains, the project has been in the works for nearly a year, and “celebrates what makes Fear of God such a unique brand and a firm customer favorite.” But if you’ve got any sense, you’ll to take a moment, grab your credit card, and click over to the site right away. You’ll load up that cart, smash the checkout button like your life depends on it, and meet me back here. Seriously.

Okay. You’re back. Now we can slow down a bit and dive into what makes this capsule—which runs the gamut from the brand’s mainline to the more-accessibly-priced Essentials collection of sweats and tees for adults and kids—come together so nicely.

“One of the main appeals of this collection is it’s so easy to wear and the colors and tones are a big part of that,” Kershaw says via email. “We always want to give our customer a point of difference with these exclusive projects, but we also want it to be wearable. I think there is something for everyone here, whether that’s the more muted browns which are perfect for this time of year or the poppy yellow that looks great with the washed denim but can also be grounded with the more subtle tailoring. Whether mainline or Essentials, I think the palettes complement each other, which is important because we want people to mix the styling of the lines.”

That’s important. Because there’s a whole lot of great stuff from the (admittedly pricier) Fear of God mainline here, too. Kershaw points to pieces like a canvas work jacket, vintage-tinged tennis sneakers, and a heather-gray, double-breasted suit jacket as standouts. All of them, as it happens, pair exceptionally well with sweats. But they’re also the kinds of items that are genuinely worth the investment in today’s fashion climate, when being able to dress something up or down with equal ease is so crucial. And they’re not alone. An oversized overcoat, distressed denim shirt, and wool-and-cashmere crewneck sweater all feel like they’re inviting themselves into your wardrobe to mingle with whatever’s there and up the cool factor with aplomb.

The only way that won’t happen? If you don’t start making moves now. As we already established, Fear of God’s collections have a nasty habit of getting picked over before you can grab the best of the bunch. And if you’re late to the party? Well, that’s the sort of misstep that’ll really put the fear into you.

Jonathan Evans is the style director of Esquire, covering all things fashion, grooming, accessories, and, of course, sneakers.

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Source : Esquire