SVDKO, Adrobski & Harvey Connect On Vibrant Gem “Open Waters”

Based in Belgium, SVDKO has been building an impressive discography over the past years, filled with eclectic, guitar-driven cuts that blend the lines between electronic, indie and pop. Making his first release in 2022, he has just connected with French up-and-comer Adrobski and US-based songwriter Harvey to unveil “Open Waters.”

A heavenly and unique piece of electronic music, “Open Waters“ nicely brings together the styles of all three artists into an engaging and cohesive mix. SVDKO’s nostalgic guitar melodies and Adrobski’s snappy production complement Harvey’s ethereal vocal lines in a stunning way, as more and more layers pull listeners into the artists’ exciting auditory world. Eventually, the drop explodes into a bass-heavy and glitchy showcase of production skills, driven by high-pitched vocals, futuristic synth chops and hard-hitting snares.

Listen to “Open Waters” below:

Source : Your Edm