Ryan Reynolds Proves Blue Is the Warmest Color

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Blue is the warmest color: It’s not just the title of an erotic French film, but also a great way to describe the fits worn by Ryan Reynolds and his wife, Blake Lively. This week, the duo were snapped while taking a stroll arm-in-arm in Tribeca, which is adjacent to the Hudson River and therefore one of the colder neighborhoods in New York. Reports say that it’s the duo’s stomping ground, so they knew to bundle up, while coordinating their blue looks for the paps, because celebrities.

Reynolds, for one, wore navy blue chinos, a washed-down black button-down by Rails, and an Atlantic blue puffer jacket by old faithful, Canada Goose. Not to be out-blued were the accessories: knit gloves and a cap. And let us not forget his face mask—because it’s important—in a complementary, always-reliable basic black. (Lively wore a similar color palette). The one pop of color came by way of ​​The 10: Blazer Mid “All Hallows Eve,” sneakers from the collab between Nike and Off-White.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively take a stroll in Tribeca.


All this is a far departure from what I wore yesterday. I also live in a hood by the Hudson River, but, unlike Reynolds, I pretty much threw panache out the window: ask the guys at my local grocery and liquor stores, and they’ll tell you that I looked like a version of the pigeon lady from Home Alone 2. Don’t follow that example; I was tired and it was a fluke. Instead, take after Deadpool, Bradley Cooper, Chris Pine, and other fellas that made our Heat Check list, and opt for a sleek silhouette cast in what Hollywood folk will tell you is the warmest color you can wear this winter.

Armstrong Down Hoody

Canada Goose canadagoose.com


Berkeley Shirt

Rails railsclothing.com


The 10: Blazer Mid ‘All Hallows Eve’ Sneakers

Nike x Off-White farfetch.com


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