Rezz Confirms Collab With Subtronics Is Finished & Will Be Played Out On Tour

Lots of producers can work intensely quickly when given the proper incentive or inspiration. This past Sunday, two days ago, Rezz sent a WIP (work in progress) over to Subtronics to get some of his “disturbingly gigantic bass noises” in the mix. One day later, the Canadian producer announced the song had been finished.

Rezz will begin her Spiral Tour on February 18 and Subtronics is currently in the midst of his Fractal tour, both supporting their own respective new albums. As per Rezz, “Both of us will be playing the song on our individual tour stops. Take vids, or don’t. Whatever you want. We will put it out fairly soon as well as a single.”

Find tour dates for Rezz here and for Subtronics here. Make sure you go see them in your city so you don’t miss out on a chance to be one of the very first to hear this new collab! We’re sure we’ll be seeing videos on social media soon enough.

This will be the first collaboration between both producers.

Photo via Ivan Meneses for Insomniac Events

Source : Your Edm