A Nose Hair Trimmer Is the Best Way to Avoid Looking Like the Bad Kind of Grizzled Old Man

There’s a stereotype, unflattering if not entirely inaccurate, of the grizzled, world-weary old man who often shows up at the beginning of a movie designed to make you cry. This is kind of guy who starts out estranged from the world before meeting a dog or a partner or child who pulls him back into the tangle of real life, with all its highs and lows. He laughs. He learns. He loves. And somewhere along the lines, it seems, he finds a nose hair trimmer. Because without fail, along with the decrepit house and the general sense of disinterest in the community, one of the things defining this guy pre-transformation is a thicket of hairs protruding from his nostrils (and ears).

I feel like I probably don’t need to say this, but just in case: You don’t want to look like that old man’s “before” photo. And aside from staying connected to the world at large—hey, it’s bound to be possible sooner or later; get those boosters, people!—one of the easiest ways to avoid looking like you’ll unceremoniously pop any errant ball that winds up in your backyard is buying a nose hair trimmer and keeping those babies in check. It’s a remarkably quick and easy addition to your grooming routine that’ll pay dividends by, well, making you look like you already look. Fun!

Oh, and FYI: Another failsafe solution for hiding any unwanted nose hairs? Wear a mask. Seriously.

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Nose Hair Trimmer

Philips Norelco

Philips Norelco’s nose hair trimmer offers an expectedly premium grooming experience (to the extent you consider trimming your nose hair an “experience”). The product’s blade is specifically designed to provide a comfortable trim by preventing any pulling throughout the process, and works seamlessly to match the contours of your nose to catch any hard-to-cut hairs with ease.

Micro Groomsman Personal Pen Nose Hair Trimmer

Wahl’s pocketable multipurpose trimmer is perfectly suited for grooming on-the-go (so you can discretely bust it out in a bathroom at work to tidy up any errant hairs in a pinch). Its rotary heads will also work wonders when it comes to any last-minute sideburn/beard touch-ups.

Ear, Nose, & Brow Trimmer

If you’re partial to Wahl’s products, but want to invest in a trimmer that feels a bit more substantial (at a similarly fair price), the brand also makes another solid portable wet/dry option. This one features a sleek, ergonomic body with an easy-to-clean head specifically designed for precision trimming.

Titanium Max Lighted Personal Nose Hair Trimmer

Micro Touch

Hair can grow in the weirdest, hard-to-reach areas. And here to help is Micro Touch. This trimmer’s steel blades are bonded with titanium, and shaped at an angle to reach tight spots. It also features rubber non-slip grip that will help you avoid any mishaps.

Nose Hair Trimmer


If you can get past the slightly punny name, Tweezerman’s trimmer turns out to be a highly effective non-motorized option for tidying up your nostril hairs. The brand’s manual clipper reduces the risk of any potentially painful accidents through a charmingly straightforward grooming mechanism. Simply squeeze the levers to rotates the blade at a speed you’re in control of throughout the entire process. (FWIW, plucking your nose hairs sans a device especially designed for the task? Still definitely not the play.)

Nose, Ear & Detail Trimmer

Remington takes care to endow its grooming products with a signature easy-to-use nature, and its nose hair trimmer is no exception. The brand’s trimmer is an ideal entry-level option if you want a product that’ll consistently do what you need it to, sans any deluxe (and often extraneous) bells and whistles. A waterproof exterior and an automatic interior cleaning system make this model one you can’t beat for sheer practicality—all at a bargain price.

Stainless Steel Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer


ToiletTree’s heavy duty nose hair trimmer doesn’t mess around. The brand’s attachment-free trimmer is durable as all hell and super easy to clean, but what really sets it apart from the pack is the product’s standout LED light, which allows you to get at hard-to-reach hairs with minimal fumbling involved. (Fumbling: Never a good idea when you’re in the middle of grooming…anything.)

Nose Hair Trimmer 5000

Philips Norelco

Philips Norelco is the name to know when it comes to nose hair trimmers (just look at the first entry on this list). Its products feature powerful, dual-sided steel blades that’ll effortlessly cut hairs protruding from your nostrils without pulling. And if you have extra sensitive skin, brand’s Trimmer 5000 offers a variety of protective guards (options, baby!) that’ll do the trick.

Battery-Powered Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer

Conair’s compact nose trimmer is great for men constantly on the go. The battery-operated product will take up minimal space in your dopp kit, and the three-bevel blades will slice off hairs with no fuss. It’s also easy clean (just rinse the head in the sink), which means you don’t have to worry about hair trimmings entering your bag.

Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer

Groom Mate

Now 24% off

A great nose hair trimmer should act like a best friend, keeping you in check for all occasions. And Groom Mate, as its name suggests, is here to take on this role, making a range of tools to that are durable, no-fuss, and eco-friendly. The brand is so assured of its products, including this Platinum XL trimmer, that it offers an unconditional lifetime guarantee with every purchase.

Ear & Nose Hair Trimmer

If you weren’t already using a Braun product of some sort in your grooming regimen, consider its stellar nose hair trimmer an introduction to what the brand does best: super powerful devices wrapped in the simple, no-frills packaging of best-in-class ergonomic design. Backed by a storied industry pedigree that informs the look and feel of all its products, Braun is still one to beat, no matter what part of your body you’re looking to tidy up.

Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer


Now 25% off

Ah, the Panasonic ER-GN70-K. A truly top of the line model with the technical-sounding name to match. Panasonic’s option might be more expensive than any of the others included here, but its trimmer doesn’t skimp on the details. Yes, it includes wet/dry grooming capabilities that make using it anytime, anywhere a cinch (naturally). And yes, its hypoallergenic blades boast an absurdly high cuts per minute. But it’s also a super-sturdy absolute unit of an instrument rendered in sleek stainless steel that will, most importantly, trim nose hairs you didn’t even know you had. And, really, isn’t that what it’s all about?

‘The Weed Whacker’ Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

Are your nostrils looking extra busy? Manscaped has just the thing. The brand’s nose trimmer, aptly called “The Weed Whacker,” is a waterproof, cordless option with a 360-degree rotary blade system that’ll chop off unwanted hairs smoothly and evenly.

The Up-Here Trimmer

An arch cutter head with open slits means you can capture hairs from any angle without worrying in the least about accidentally nicking the inside of your nostril. And—bonus!—the design also works for the insides of your ears. The blades are detachable for easy cleaning, a built-in light gives you the visibility you need, and you can charge up easily with the included USB cable. You can get Meridian’s in black, too, but this calming green (the brand calls it “Sage”) feels a little fancier, like the sort of thing you’d find at a high-end spa.

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