Jon Suarez Pops-Off With New Club Banger “Social Distortion”

In his very first single of the year, Jon Suarez slaps us with his most bombastic work to date. “Social Distortion”, released on Darklight Recordings, unleashes a club-spirited concoction of party fuel, lively enough for a rowdy festival crowd but domesticated enough for a bar scene. The intro rides on hints of techno, making for a deep and almost mysterious vibe, until a unique relationship of jutting samples and glottal vocal chops begin to define the verse. Tension builds and a blaring brass section steals the chorus in triumph. Suarez continues to shine as a reliable source of spellbinding dance potions. 

Jon Suarez’s music has always bolstered the spirit of the club. He’s from New York, having grown up in its club scene with a passion for DJing, which now directly plays into his production goals and style. Since his first releases in 2020, each of his new singles reflects more and more artistic maturity, yet they’ve remained fun and danceable from the beginning. Suarez truly delivers and shows no signs of stopping.

Source : Your Edm