Snail Mail Opens Up About Recovery From Vocal Cord Surgery

So I got surgery on December 6 or 7 or something like that, and was silent for the entire month which was really hard. There were a lot of situations where I found myself just totally helpless. You know, you don’t really think about how much you need your voice. I got locked out of my apartment at one point and couldn’t call my apartment super, a bunch of things like that. Being in the Uber and they kept asking me questions: “How are you? How are you? Why are you being so rude?”

I’ve been going to speech therapy weekly and these surgeon follow-ups, doing a lot of exercises every single day with my vocals, and reteaching myself—with speech therapy and discipline and exercise—correct speaking techniques. And we haven’t even gotten into singing yet! But that’s supposed to start soon. I just got cleared yesterday, actually, in my second follow up with my surgeon, that everything is looking good and everything will be on time with the tour, which is cool! I’ll be honest, I was not expecting that.

Source : Pitchfork