Keep your AirPods safe with this $23 accessory bundle

The Chargeworx 4-Piece Accessory Kit For Apple AirPods lets you make your AirPods your own while also making them a little safer and a little easier to use. This 4-piece kit is on sale for $22.99 (Reg. $49) and has a lot to offer AirPod users. 

With this kit, you’ll get a dustproof silicone charger case, a carabiner, a safety strap, and a watch band holder. The silicone case is a snug sleeve that fits over your charger case and protects it from minor wear and tear and some shock damage. It also has a hole for the carabiner to slip through, great for keeping your AirPods with your keys or bag so they don’t get lost. 

You also get your own safety strap which lets you wear your AirPods around your neck from a secure magnetic connection. That means you can take your AirPods out without putting them away. The final part of this 4-piece kit is a watch band holder. This gives you two slots that will hold your AirPods during workouts, live conversations, or anything else you don’t quite need them put away for. 

Get the Chargeworx 4-Piece Accessory Kit For Apple AirPods on sale for $22.99 (Reg. $49). 

Prices subject to change.

Source : Macworld