The 10 Best Money Clips Let You Ditch Your Bulky Wallet

Carrying around wads of cash fastened together with a money clip can seem somewhat outdated in this digitized age, but it’s perhaps the most dependable form of commerce. If apps like Apple Pay are your go-to, for example, you’re at the mercy of your phone’s battery. Plastic, whether a debit or credit card, can get denied for a number of reasons. But walking out the door with a stack of Benjamins, Lincolns, or Washingtons is tangible; you know you have it and can pay a sum in case there’s nothing else on the table—literally.

Sure, wallets perform the same function, but they carry more items than dollar bills. Maybe you don’t want to carry anything else. Maybe you want to separate your cash from your credit. Maybe you want to stay off the grid altogether. Maybe you’re a sucker for nostalgia. Or maybe you want to look like a baller, and detach some real-life moola when that hefty check arrives after dinner. There are a number of reasons to invest in a money clip, but not all clips are the same. The best of ’em will flatten your dollars, secure them in place, and, of course, look snazzy. And we have 10 just ready and waiting , funnily enough, to be purchased online with a bank card or app. Get one now, and flash your loaf later.

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Station Money Clip

Back in 2015, when Hunter Craighill founded his eponymous label, the designer set out to create sleek, time-tested everyday essentials that were made of virtually indestructible metals. This titanium money clip with rounded ends is a great example of that ethos.

Money Clip Pocket Knife

Spencer Frazer is a sports and hunting enthusiast who founded SOG, a brand the offers tools and blades for men who share the same pastimes. You know, the same kind of guys who wouldn’t second-guess a money clip with an integrated pocket blade.

Aluminum Wallet + Money Clip

Speaking of stuff for the great outdoors, The Ridge has this money clip—made of lightweight aluminum plate with a durable ceramic coating—that’ll keep your cash secure, even while you’re trekking.

Nassau Ballistic Etched Money Clip

Tumi offers up a money clip that’s as travel-ready, lustrous, and bulletproof as the brand’s celebrated suitcases.

Logo-Engraved Silver-Tone and Enamel Money Clip

Paul Smith

For accessories that are professional but don’t lack personality, Paul Smith won’t steer you wrong.

‘River Rock’ Money Clip

If you carry steady streams of cash, M-Clip’s Rover Rock clip features a patented sliding-lever mechanism that’ll let you pile the Benjamins without the bulk.

334 Money Clip

Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen is the name to know when it comes to silver goods, and this stylized money clip, designed by Arno Malinowski, lives up to the brand’s incredible reputation.

Animalier Leather Money Clip

Black leather with antique gold-toned hardware from a brand that’s all the buzz.

Logo-Engraved Gunmetal-Tone Money Clip

Saint Laurent

You can always count on Saint Laurent to make anything cool and edgy, gunmetal money clips included.

Money Clip

Ever dreamed of becoming a Starfleet commander? If so, check out this stainless steel money clip.

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