20 Affordable Watches That Look Like a Million Bucks

A great watch doesn’t have to cost as much as your rent. Yes, it can. But it can also be affordable and well within your price limits. Because while there are definitely a lot of high-end options that are worth your time and attention, on the other end of the spectrum there’s a veritable smorgasbord of stylish, well-made timepieces that cost less than $300 from a number of well-regarded watch brands.

We’re talking the classic Timex, of course, but thanks to brands old and new, we’re also talking about chronographs that look a whole lot more expensive than they are by Michael Kors, dress watches Tissot, sport watches G-Shock, divers by Casio, and more. There’s a lot to sift through, which is why we’ve scoured the market for the most affordable watch deals out there by the best brands, and pulled them all together for you. Here are 20 that are worth your (relatively humble) investment.

MDV106-1AV Duro Analog Watch


Now 31% off

The understated Casio favored by unassuming aesthetes and unostentatious billionaires and alike.

TR90 Japanese Quartz Watch


Now 26% off

Who says your watch can’t be the most colorful part of your outfit?

Jorn Medium Leather Watch

Skagen is all about simplicity, and this watch is a perfect example of the ethos.

Quartz Stainless Steel Strap Watch

For those times when you want to match your timepiece to your sneakers.

G-Shock Quartz Watch


Now 30% off

This is like your old-school Casio, just with the volume (and durability) turned up to 11.

Time Teller Corp Watch

This model mixes up two of Nixon’s most popular styles into something that’s a little utilitarian, a little minimalist, and very good looking.

FB-01 Quartz Stainless Steel Three-Hand Date Watch


Now 20% off

The classic looks, date display, and stainless steel bracelet all come together to make this watch look a lot pricier than just $130.

SNK789 Automatic Stainless Steel Watch

An elevated watch to be worn everyday from a brand that aways delivers the goods at sometimes-low prices.

Konrad Retrograde Watch

You don’t see affordable square watches around all that much. Go ahead and take this opportunity to change that.

MS1 41mm Maritime Sport Watch

Looking for a dive watch feel but don’t actually need to go diving all the time? This one’s for you.

Charles Watch

Perfect for guys who are into a darker vibe, but still appreciate clean, classic lines.

M12 Stainless Steel on Nylon Watch

Miansai’s minimalist timepiece is set off by an hunter green strap. Just enough color to keep things interesting.

Marlin Manual Watch

The Marlin is a smaller watch at 34mm, but if you’re a fan of mid-century style, you can’t do much better.

Hugo Twist Multifunction Silicone Strap Watch

All that black and silver with touches of red makes for a bold statement.

Classic Durham Leather Strap Watch

Daniel Wellington

There’s a reason Daniel Wellington was a key player in kicking off the minimalist watch trend: The brand’s wares just plain look good.

Marlin Automatic Watch

If the hand-wound Marlin’s a little small for your liking, this 40mm automatic version should suit you just fine.

Oversized Slim Runway Gold-Tone Watch

Michael Kors

All the glitz of a New York runway show, but in watch form.

Carson Stainless Steel Dress Watch


Now 25% off

Usually, you have to pay a lot more for this kind of refinement. Luckily for you, Tissot offers it up for a steal.

Chrono Gold Green Steel

Kapten & Son

The deep green on the dial feels especially elegant, and it’ll add a little something-something to every fit.

Rally Leather Watch

Larsson & Jennings

A seriously stylish chronograph like this is something that’ll always be, well, in style.

Barry Samaha is the style commerce editor at Esquire, where he covers all things fashion and grooming.

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