Ben Stiller and Adam Scott, Morgan Freeman, and Oscar news

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Our big interview this week is with Ben Stiller and Adam Scott – both of whom are part of the new creepy sci-fi thriller Severance (Apple TV+ from 18 February). Claire Gregory spoke to them about the weird goings-on in a very sterile looking office.

Space Force (Netflix from 18 February) returns this week for a second series, but how excited about it should we be?

The Marvellous Mrs Maisel is back for her fourth run on Amazon Prime. Expect pearl-clutching jokes, and more gorgeous costumes!

Plus, what do we make of the three Oscars hosts?

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Also, Sarah Kendall’s very funny Frayed is back on Sky Max on 23 February, and did we mention we had Morgan Freeman on? The Voice of God himself tells us about his new Sky History series, Great Escapes.

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Source : Sky News