Wonderfully Wild Sneakers and More of This Week’s Best Menswear Releases

It’s always good to to step outside the proverbial box and try something fresh and funky. I get that most folks like the classics, the kinds of wares that last long haul, the safe stuff, but sometimes you just need something with character. And we have many, many options that fit the bill this week. There’s a new take on the Chuck 70 by the always eclectic folks at Come Tees. There’s also a retro-inspired watch that’s all kinds of groovy, along with a hoodie for former bandleaders, a bright weekender for debonair dudes, a coat that really shines, and a collection for tourists with taste. Kitschy as all this sounds, these are the kind of pieces that make fashion (and life) all the more interesting. So break the mold. Try something weird. You just may find it wonderful.

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Rose Gold Sunglasses

Junya Watanabe x Randolph Engineering

Junya Watanabe has one of the best outlooks in the fashion industry. And if you want some of that insight, survey the world through his collaborative sunnies with Randolph Engineering.

Lingot 50 Bag

Speaking of sunny, the always-debonair folks at Dior have released a bright new version of the Lingot bag, done in the brand’s signature Oblique pattern. It’s the weekender to have this summer, if you have the coin to spare.

Q Timex 1972 Reissue 43mm Leather Strap Watch

Go back in time to 1972, and boogie like there’s no tomorrow with this groovy watch by Timex.

Barn Coat

Stadium Goods

Stadium Good recently expanded its SoHo store, and to fill up the space, the retailer has launched its Stadium 2 collection, which comprises of a mix of limited-edition, specialty items, including this beautifully bold coat.

Chuck 70 Sneaker

Converse x Come Tees

The eclectic folks at Come Tees take the iconic Chuck 70 for a spin, and the result is, as expected, fresh and funky.

Time Rug

No matter the scenario, its always a good time for ice cream. And this rug proves it.

Waterproof Rubber Toe Boots

Bee Line x Timberland

The folks at Bee Line by Billionaire Boys Club have joined forces with Timberland for the eighth time, with one digging deep into the latter’s outdoor heritage.

Striped ‘Mohair’ Sweater

Flaneur Homme

Want to smell—or in this case, look—like teen spirt? Try out this sweater by Flaneur Homme, inspired the heyday of grunge. (It’s not really mohair, but it looks and feels the part.)

Spere LT Blazer

Arc’teryx makes exceptional winter coats. We all know that. But exceptional blazers with the same sleekness and durability? Now that’s a welcome surprise, of the brand’s urban-inspired Veilance imprint.

Florence Athletics Crewneck

Rowing Blazers x Firstport

You may not have the visage or body of the chiseled sculptures in the Uffizi Gallery, but you can sure as hell wear one thanks to this tourist-inspired collection by Rowing Blazers.

Parade Zip-Up Hoodie

Midnight Studios

Anyone who ever played in a marching band to the front of the line, please.

Barry Samaha is the style commerce editor at Esquire, where he covers all things fashion and grooming.

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