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Last Updated: 05/08/19 3:27pm

Hamilton, Verstappen and Vettel on Alonso…
At the very end of the post-race Hungarian GP press conference, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen were asked about Fernando Alonso’s congratulatory Twitter post about the race – and it triggered a rather interesting chat between them and third-placed finisher Sebastian Vettel.

Read on for the full fascinating, and at-times-revealing, transcript…

Lewis Hamilton: Well, firstly that’s really awesome that he’s supportive… I was just actually watching some of the restarts, the starts of previous years and watching him from his Renault days and I remember just before I even got to Formula 1 watching how amazing their starts were. I don’t know how old Fernando is now but he’s always going to be a great driver. If he can get a good seat, he’s always welcome here to battle with us. It doesn’t make a difference, really, necessarily for me. I’m here to fight whoever’s here.

Max Verstappen: Yeah, I think it was a bit of a shame that I never had an opportunity to fight against him in F1 so yeah…

LH: Could be a good team-mate for you.

MV: Fernando? Well, you have experience with it, I don’t know. Well…

Sebastian Vettel: He could be your father!

MV: Yeah, it’s close! Yeah, I know. As a young father. How old is he? 36? 38! OK, well 17 is possible to be a father.

SV: Talking with experience?

MV: I don’t know. At least I don’t know.

LH: How old are you now?

MV: 21. Many years, plenty of years…

LH: Jeez. I like being in this room because I’m not the oldest!

MV: 34?

LH: I’m 34, yeah, nearly 35.

SV: I’ll tell you, the day we get beat by somebody who’s born in 2000 and upwards. We will know it’s time…

MV: I’m not that young!

Q: Sebastian, final thoughts on Fernando? Would you like to see him back?
SV: I don’t mind. I don’t know why… I don’t think he never really liked me. I don’t think we really had a… I don’t mind him. I respect him for what he achieved and for what he can do on track. I don’t know. I guess he’s bored if he has time to write these things. So bring him back, I don’t mind.

MV: Maybe as a social media manager. To me, he’s always been very nice and good. I like that he is also now looking into other opportunities for racing. He just loves racing and he wants to win, he wants to be competitive. It’s good to see.

LH: The sport needs the best drivers in the best seats and there is still at least a seat available that’s good enough for winning and he’s good enough for winning so it wouldn’t be such a bad…

MV: Maybe he could speak to Toto.

LH: Valtteri’s great; Valtteri’s been winning. You’re the one with the extra seat, I would say.

MV: I didn’t say that.

SV: I’m not sure…

‘Gasly won’t be replaced mid-season’
Red Bull boss Christian Horner insists there are “no plans” to replace Pierre Gasly in the second half of the season but has urged the under-pressure Frenchman to “get it together”.

Gasly has struggled in his rookie year at Red Bull; he’s yet to score a podium while he has been dominated in terms of points, and qualifying and race head-to-heads by team-mate Max Verstappen.

But Horner told Sky F1: “There are no plans to replace Pierre during the course of this season. He’s got the second half of the year to really get it together because then they’ll be a lot of pressure on what we do for next year.

“But we’re not looking at replacing him or switching drivers around, it’s really in his court no to get it together and build on some of the promise we have seen flashes of. He just needs to put it together more consistently.”

Gasly had a poor German GP, getting overtaken by both Toro Rossos and then smashing into Alex Albon.

“All we can do is provide him with the best car we can and provide him with the best support we can and try to work with him to eliminate some of the mistakes,” added Horner.

“Part of his race in Hockenheim were very strong, he passed Sebastian [Vettel] at the restart around the outside of turn one, but obviously parts of his race weren’t so good.

“The move on Albon looked like a misjudgement on his part. It’s obviously frustrating from a team point of view because we want both cars scoring points because the Constructors’ Championship is also mightily important to us.”

Haas on Grosjean-Magnussen, and driver demand
Haas “have an agreement” with Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen as they look to avoid further collisions between their two drivers, according to Guenther Steiner – who has also addressed rumours about their 2020 line-up

Grosjean and Magnussen have hit each other at the last two races, leaving their futures in doubt.

Haas boss Steiner told Sky F1: “I sat down with them initially and we agreed – it wasn’t a hard agreement, they were on board – that if we tell them if they are close together, and maybe now it’s finished because we have an agreement, that they take instruction from the team, who is going who is staying [in position].

“We have clear understanding, they were happy with the decision and sat down between them to sort themselves out. They know that they cannot do anymore like this and I hope it works this time. I’m saying it now for the third time so maybe three times lucky and we’re over it.”

On the 2020 line-up, Steiner continued: “Gene [Haas, team owner] and myself will make the decision over the summer break, hopefully, and we can come back and know how we come back forward with the drivers for next year.

“There is demand of drivers, but there is not a lot of movement yet. Everyone is asking, we are all putting our feelers out seeing what is happening, but nothing has moved. When the first domino falls the market will start to move.”

WATCH: Horner and Marko on Verstappen contract

Christian Horner believes contracts talks are irrelevant as Helmut Marko is confident Max Verstappen will stay with them.
Christian Horner believes contracts talks are irrelevant as Helmut Marko is confident Max Verstappen will stay with them.

Bottas: Germany mistake ‘not ideal’ timing
Valtteri Bottas has admitted the timing of his poor German GP was “not ideal” with Mercedes set to make a decision this month on whether to retain the Finn for next season.

Bottas was running fourth when he span and crashed out of the race – and he could have taken a big chunk out of Lewis Hamilton’s championship lead without the mistake.

“For sure it was not ideal but it happens,” Bottas told Sky F1 ahead of the Hungarian GP. “It was a mistake that happened at the wrong time. I was obviously trying hard, pushing hard which is what the team wants to see.”

Bottas added: “I don’t think one mistake or one race is going to change anything. That’s my mindset coming here. I should really not thinking about it, I need to perform at my best and focus on that.

“I know I didn’t do well but I’ll try and do that this weekend, then obviously it’s up to the team with their decision and we’ll see. But no stress, just full gas.”

Hamilton explains ‘retire the car’ German GP message
Lewis Hamilton has explained that he told Mercedes to “retire the car” towards the end of a chaotic German GP in case he needed to save engine mileage.

Hamilton issued the radio message when he was running last after his two spins, but was told there would “still be opportunities” and eventually secured two points thanks to Alfa Romeo’s double penalty.

“For one I wasn’t feeling great,” Hamilton told reporters in Hungary. “But mostly I was just feeling that I’m dead last, I calculate the chances of me getting points and then I think about how many more races have we got to do on this engine.

“I think, could I save it with another 15 laps of engine mileage? Could I save the gearbox? They said keep going, so I kept going.”

And why did Vettel go off on final lap?
Sebastian, who just held off Daniil Kvyat for second after a brief slip on the final lap, explained: “I went off because I was pushing for fastest lap. But it didn’t work. That’s what we do in the race; you try to chase the limit and sometimes you get close to it, sometimes you get too close.

“I think I’m not the only guy who went a little bit too close in that race but, fortunately this time, I picked the right place rather than the wrong place.”

Gasly confident for future
Pierre Gasly says comments from Helmut Marko suggesting his seat is not in danger for the remainder of the 2019 season do not come as news to him.

“For me things were always clear with Christian [Horner] and Helmut. The plan never changed,” Gasly told Sky F1.

“I cannot stop people talking. They can say whatever they want whether it’s true or false – I don’t have any control on that. But nothing has changed on my side and everything was already discussed with Christian and Helmut.”

Red Bulls, reunited…

Hamilton vs Wolff, driver vs team boss – on the track

Renault focus on ‘weak’ areas
With a deficit of 21 points to make up on McLaren in the fight for fourth in the Constructors’ Championship – and the head of F1’s midfield – Renault are determined to enjoy a strong Germany-Hungary double header.

“We recognise there are still areas where we need to improve and we are concentrating on these weaker points,” said Cyril Abiteboul. “Hockenheim and the Hungaroring should suit our package better although the extreme temperatures we expect to encounter may present challenges for the engine or tyres – a little like in Austria – however we will do our best to achieve the best results possible.”

Verstappen in a spin for Hockenheim

Horner praises ‘different driver’ Gasly
Achieving his best result yet for Red Bull at the British GP amid what has proved a difficult start to his career at the team, Pierre Gasly impressed his team boss.

“Pierre has done a very good job all weekend and turning the page from Austria, that was a really tough weekend for him,” said Christian Horner.

“Coming here and just focusing on what he’s doing, not what his team-mate’s doing, and just getting back to basics, he’s been like a different driver all weekend.

“He passed Vettel early in the race, he was racing hard with Leclerc, and I thought he drove very well.”

Can Hamilton match Schumacher’s records?
Lewis Hamilton is now just 11 victories behind Michael Schumacher’s all-time F1 wins record. and well on course for a sixth world championship to put him one behind the German great’s benchmark of seven, but Mercedes chief Toto Wolff insists there is still plenty of work ahead for his driver to become the sport’s most successful-ever driver.

“If you are gifted in the way he is, hard-working in the way he is and you happeb to join a team with the car that is setting the benchmark, then it at least gives you a good starting base to achieve successful results,” said Wolff.

“But to achieve what Michael has achieved is the best so far and it’s a totally different level to what anybody else has done. It’s a stretch and hard, he’s on a good way, but there are more victories and championships to be won to match Michael.”

Will Bottas get new Mercedes deal?
Valtteri Bottas made a “good step” towards earning a new Mercedes contract with his British GP performance, according to team boss Toto Wolff.

Bottas’ current deal expires at the end of the season and several drivers have been linked with the seat – including Esteban Ocon and Red Bull’s Max Verstappen – but the Finn impressed at Silverstone, beating Hamilton to pole before holding off the world champion in wheel-to-wheel battle at the start of the race.

Unfortunately for Bottas, a Safety Car played into his team-mate’s hands and Hamilton claimed the victory to extend his title advantage to 39 points.

But Wolff told Sky Sports F1: “I think he’s made a good step [towards a new contract].

“For me, that was his best race performance so far this season.”

F1’s youngest team-mates transformed
What Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz might look like 40 years from now when they’re long retired from F1…

Red Bull’s Adrian Newey and Christian Horner were rightly excited to see the Aston Martin Valkyrie get an outing at Silverstone ahead of the British GP.
Red Bull’s Adrian Newey and Christian Horner were rightly excited to see the Aston Martin Valkyrie get an outing at Silverstone ahead of the British GP.

Newey’s hypercar revealed at Silverstone
The Aston Martin Valkyrie – the latest project from legendary designer Adrian Newey – had its first running at Silverstone on Saturday, and Christian Horner and Newey were understandably excited watching on.

It certainly looks fast!

Lewis Hamilton’s father Anthony believes his son has a ‘special talent’ and thinks Max Verstappen has some way to go to catch him.
Lewis Hamilton’s father Anthony believes his son has a ‘special talent’ and thinks Max Verstappen has some way to go to catch him.

Hamilton Sr on Lewis vs Max
Lewis Hamilton has a “special talent” and no driver on the grid matches up to him, his father Anthony has told Sky Sports.

Red Bull boss Christian Horner opened up a Max Verstappen vs Hamilton debate when he suggested his driver is currently the best in the world, but Anthony Hamilton contested:

“I think [Max] is a stunning driver but Lewis is experienced, he’s wise, he’s had several years at this game and he still has the fire.

“Right now, you’d be a dangerous man betting against Lewis Hamilton.

“What driver do you know that can pull out three tenths out of nowhere? The only driver that can do that is Lewis. It’s a special talent that Lewis has, and there are a few drivers who have that and they’re on their way – but they’re not quite there yet.”

Red Bull have a license to thrill
Red Bull have taken the opportunity to celebrate F1’s 1007th race with a James Bond-themed ‘007’ livery for the British GP.

Both Max Verstappen and Pierre Gasly’s RB15 cars will feature the famous logo on their cars as well as special number plates.

“Celebrating Bond at F1’s 1007th race was too good an opportunity to miss given our title partnership with Aston Martin,” said team boss Christian Horner.

“Showcasing the world of James Bond here at the British Grand Prix, our second home race of the season, is really exciting. Aston Martin is inextricably linked to Bond and his cars have become truly iconic so we’re really looking forward to this weekend at Silverstone.”

Williams extend title sponsorship deal
A boost for Williams on the eve of their home British GP with the news that ROKiT have extended their title sponsorship deal with the team from three to five years.

“We are delighted to announce this extension to our partnership with ROKiT,” said Claire Williams of the telecommunications firm.

“As I said in February, this is a natural partnership based on shared values of innovation, engineering excellence and trust. ROKiT joined the team at a challenging time and it means a great deal to us that they believe in our vision and are committed to helping us achieve it.

“I’ve personally enjoyed working with the team at ROKiT and look forward to continuing this work in the years ahead.”

Max vs Lewis debate continues
Red Bull boss Christian Horner has reaffirmed his view that Formula 1 would benefit from consistent battles between Max Verstappen and five-time world champion Lewis Hamilton.

“It’s very much Mercedes’ territory this weekend but if we can get near them there then races coming up should get closer,” Horner told Sky Sports News.

“I think for the whole of Formula 1, wouldn’t it be great to see Max and Lewis go head to head, Sebastian [Vettel] thrown in there as well, [Charles] Leclerc, and hopefully Pierre Gasly can join that before too long.”

On Verstappen’s performances over the last year, Horner added: “Looking at form, Max is the most in-form driver on the grid at the moment and there’s nobody we’d rather have in our car.

“The way he’s been driving, particularly the last 12 months, has been incredible. We just want to make sure we’re giving him the tools to get the job done.”

Ferrari pessimistic about British GP
Ferrari don’t expect the famous Silverstone circuit to suit their car at this weekend’s British GP but will be bringing a “further small aerodynamic modification” in a bid to boost performance, says team boss Mattia Binotto.

The Italian team have yet to claim a victory this season amid a lack of downforce on certain tracks, and the demanding British GP which features several high-speed corners could present another problem.

“We do not expect Silverstone to suit our car particularly well, but at every race, we have seen that the balance of power can change, often unexpectedly,” said Binotto.

Ferrari brought small aero parts to the last races in France and Austria, and Binotto added: “For the British Grand Prix we are bringing a further small aerodynamic modification as we continue to push hard on the development of our car.

“The weekend will also be an opportunity to increase our understanding of the recent work we did, which has seen us close the gap to our competitors on specific types of track.”

Sainz encouraged by McLaren momentum
Carlos Sainz says he has been “pleasantly surprised” by McLaren’s form since joining the team at the start of 2019 – and is optimistic they can maintain momentum for Silverstone.

McLaren head into their home race in fourth place in the Constructors’ Championship – their best placing at this stage of the year since 2012 – and on the back of consecutive two-car points finishes.

“I expected McLaren to be better than last year when I joined but to be ahead of teams like Renault who have been there for a while, I must say it’s a pleasant surprise,” said Sainz, a former Renault driver, told Sky Sports F1 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

“Not a big surprise but a pleasant surprise.”

McLaren’s season moved up a gear in the France-Austrian double header with midfield-leading pace

“We are coming from a very strong couple of races. For me, the last one in particular felt great,” added Sainz. “It’s the home track for the team, one of my favourite tracks in Formula 1, so just going there and enjoying it and trying to keep the momentum up.

“There’s been a couple of P6s and a couple of P8s so when we do get into the points we get a lot of points, which is good to see. The car is getting faster every weekend, or as fast as the previous weekend, and that average trend that we is following is what we have to keep.”

Ocon’s 2020 talks continue
No confirmed deal yet for a Formula 1 race return next season, but Mercedes reserve Esteban Ocon is optimistic things are going in the right direction.

“There are discussions going on at the moment, which is a great thing,” Ocon told Sky Sports F1. “We are working on trying to find a solution still.

“Time has passed, of course, but no worries, we are still working hard and fingers crossed things will happen for next year.”

Renault back in the points?
The Enstone team’s three-race points-scoring streak ended abruptly in Austria, but Daniel Ricciardo is expecting high-speed Silverstone to suit the RS19 better.

“It’s going to be eight years since my debut in Formula 1 so a bit of a milestone, I’m now 30 – another milestone,” reflected Ricciardo to Sky F1 ahead of the British GP.

“We had a good run going then Austria was a bit of a backstep, but I think we’re going to get back to a relatively strong place in Silverstone.”

Ferrari rule out 2020 Verstappen move
Amid on-off speculation that Sebastian Vettel could quit F1 before the end of his contract in 2020, what chance a move for Max Verstappen if Ferrari could prise him out of his Red Bull contract?

“No, certainly not,” Mattia Binotto told Sky F1.

“I can only confirm what Seb said. We have got two drivers, we have got contracts in place, we are very happy.

“Next season our line-up is fixed and there are no reasons why we should change. Things are going well in that respect.”

Take a trip up Goodwood’s famous hill…

No doubting Leclerc rebound, say Ferrari
Charles Leclerc’s wait for a maiden F1 win continues after a second agonising near-miss this season, but his Ferrari boss has no worries that the 21-year-old will dwell on his Austria disappointment for long.

“I think there is no difficulty to encourage Charles,” said Ferrari chief Mattia Binotto. “I think he is already ready for the next one. I think it could give him a boost to get his first victory in F1.

“Certainly after qualy of [Saturday] he was very optimistic and after the first laps of the race he was controlling the race. But the chequered flag is only at the end of the race. I think he is simply looking ahead and to the next challenge, he is very hungry so he will get that first win sooner or later.”

Respect between former team-mates

Verstappen the Driver of the Day…eventually
Sorry, Robert.

After what has been described by F1 as a ‘technical error’, Williams’ Robert Kubica has lost his Driver of the Day ‘win’ to race victor Max Verstappen for the Austrian GP.

Kubica had been lapped three times, whereas Verstappen staged an epic fightback from a poor start to win the race.

Red Bull respond to Verstappen rumours…
Red Bull boss Christian Horner has given short shrift to speculation about the presence of a ‘performance clause’ in Max Verstappen’s Red Bull contract.

“There’s just a lot of speculation and it’s a long way wide of the mark,” Horner told Sky F1

“Once you get into July you always get into silly season.”

…and explain dropping Ticktum
Changes in Red Bull’s junior programme have been confirmed, with Britain’s Daniel Ticktum dropped mid-year.

Ticktum, who joined the hugely-successful scheme in 2017, moved to Japan’s Super Formula this season after finishing second in last year’s European F3 championship to Mick Schumacher but has scored just one point after three races.

Red Bull boss Christian Horner told Sky F1: “It’s a scheme that is results-based. He’s had a tough time in Japan, it wasn’t working out. He was a member of the junior team and it was decided that he wasn’t the right guy moving forward as an option for either us or Toro Rosso. Therefore, the stumps were called.

“He was given the shot, he was given the opportunity, it’s up to these guys to grab that with both hands.”

Meanwhile, Mexico’s Patricio O’Ward, who joined the programme this year, has been handed his F2 debut this weekend after Mahaveer Raghunathan was banned.

Vettel not quitting
Sebastian Vettel has again denied suggestions he could quit Formula 1 at the end of the season.

“If I would always give an answer to everyone’s speculation I would be in this seat for a lot longer than I anyway want to be!” joked the Ferrari driver at his pre-Austrian GP media session.

“I’m here, I Iove racing. The cars are great fun to drive, they are very fast, the fastest we have ever had.

“Are there are things we can do better? I think yes. Is it up to me? Fortunately, not? We will see what the future brings.

“I’m here now and, as far as I know, I will be here next year so I’m not thinking about that [retiring].”

Gasly up, up and away
Pierre Gasly’s 2019 F1 season may not have got off the ground, however…

Hamilton backs Wolff for top F1 job, but…
Lewis Hamilton has hailed Toto Wolff as the best manager in F1 – but would he be the ideal candidate to oversee the sport? Hamilton discusses the rumours…

“I don’t believe there’s a better manager than Toto within the whole of Formula 1.

“However, sitting back as a fan when you sit in the room with people who ultimately make decisions, we as humans are, and this is my opinion, we can be biased.

“We’ve got Jean Todt who, and I know Jean’s level, but the fact that he’s been with the red team for so long, surely when he wakes up and there’s a red t-shirt and a silver t-shirt, he probably goes for a red one. You know what I mean? Just like when I see 44 and I see 6, I will go for 44.

“Toto has been Mercedes through and through for such a long period of time, I don’t know if there’s anything in that… but if it’s a choice of management, I think he would be the best.

“I think the best thing is someone outside who’s just neutral… if there could be such a thing.”

Has Hamilton ‘broken’ Bottas?
Lewis Hamilton is glad he is starting to get the better of Mercedes team-mate Valtteri Bottas after “everyone was hyping him up” earlier this season.

Hamilton trailed Bottas in the championship earlier this year, but has won the last four races.

“I definitely didn’t expect to have six wins at this point and it doesn’t feel real,” he told reporters in France.

“Particularly as you see that Valtteri has been quick, he’s been punching in great qualifying sessions and even in race pace in others he was strong. Everyone was hyping him up.

“But I just had to remain centred and continue to believe that I will figure it out and gain ground. You’re now seeing that.”

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff is confident Bottas can bounce back, adding: “I hope [Hamilton hasn’t broken him].

“We do everything in order to make sure that Valtteri is in a good place. I think he knows that the team is absolutely neutral and we’re trying to give them both equal material and equal opportunity.

“With a decent start in some of the last races he could have won two of them, and he knows that. I’m optimistic that Valtteri just needs one good weekend in order to come closer again to Lewis and not let him run away with the championship.”

Mercedes aim to make Austrian amends
They head for the Styrian mountains aiming to match the F1 record of 11 victories in a row, but Mercedes are wary of over-confidence after a rare double DNF with unreliability here last year and the forecast of very high temperatures for this weekend.

“This year, our race finishing record has been good, but it would be complacent to ignore the fact that for two weekends in a row now, our mechanics had to perform the equivalent of “open-heart surgery” on our cars,” said Toto Wolff. “We’ve faced a number of different issues on different components, each of which could have easily caused us to retire, so we need to get on top of those challenges as quickly as possible.

“The forecast for Austria predicts temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius and more – combined with the reduced air density owing to the track’s location at altitude, this means that cooling could become a real challenge in Spielberg. Add to that the short lap and the close gaps on that circuit and our direction is clear: we need to keep working diligently, stay humble and give it everything to do a better job than we managed 12 months ago.”

The unseen overtake of the French GP
Unseen no more…

Watch as Anthony Davidson analyses George Russell performing an impressive overtake on team-mate Robert Kubica at the Circuit Paul Ricar
Watch as Anthony Davidson analyses George Russell performing an impressive overtake on team-mate Robert Kubica at the Circuit Paul Ricar

F1 stars teeing off
Carlos Sainz, Ross Brawn, Christian Horner and Sky F1’s Damon Hill are among the big names signed up to a celebrity charity golf tournament ahead of the US GP in October.

Austin’s Omni Barton Creek Canyons Course will play host to the ‘Grid to Green’ event in support of the Susan G. Komen breast cancer organisation.

Renault praise Hulkenberg, but looking at F1 2020 ‘options’
Renault boss Cyril Abiteboul has praised Nico Hulkenberg since joining the team in 2017 but admits both the team and driver are looking at their “options” for next season.

While Daniel Ricciardo is signed up for two years at Renault, Hulkenberg’s contract expires at the end of F1 2019.

Abiteboul said that the team do have an option to extend that deal, but Renault have also been linked with Esteban Ocon – who they nearly signed instead of Ricciardo last year.

“Maybe that we continue our journey with Nico,” he said.

“Frankly, Nico has delivered for the team, clearly, and if you look at where we were when Nico joined us and where we are today, it’s crazy and the change to the team, to the buzz.”

But he continued: “So I think we need to give credit to that but also we need to look at the options, like everyone is doing, like I’m sure Nico is doing.

“Things are open for him and for us but there is also an option in place so that we can possibly continue our journey together.”

Abiteboul added that they would probably start negotiations “after the summer break”.

Verstappen targets Le Mans with father Jos
Max Verstappen says he wants to compete in the Le Mans 24 hours one day, and would like to do so with his father Jos.

Jos Verstappen has competed in the prestigious event twice before, and Verstappen admitted: “My desire is to do Le Mans one day, when that happens I don’t know.

“I’m talking to my Dad as well so he needs to train a bit! If I want to do Le Mans, I would like to do it with my Dad.

“I’ve watched it a lot and I’ve been there when my Dad was driving. I think it’s a very cool race.”

McLaren add Sirotkin as F1 reserve
McLaren have added a reserve driver with F1 experience to their 2019 stable after confirming that Sergey Sirotkin will be their official back-up – though the Russian still keeps his ties with Renault.

Sirotkin, who was on the F1 grid with Williams last season, remains a Renault reserve but McLaren ‘can call upon his services when needed’.

McLaren also have F2 frontrunner Sergio Sette Camara on their books.

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