Ghostbusters 2020 Set Photos Have Rusted Ecto-1, Stay Puft Easter Egg

Ghostbusters 2020 Set Photos Have Rusted Ecto-1, Stay Puft Easter Egg

Production continues on the upcoming Ghostbusters 2020, and new set photos have emerged online including none other than the iconic Ecto-1 car (via TMZ). In addition, another photo is floating around of an easter egg for the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man in a mural on display. There appears to be some dispute if this is actually related to the upcoming film, though it has been constructed in the same town as filming for the movie so it seems likely it’s not a coincidence. Check them both out below!

12-year-old Mckenna Grace (Captain MarvelAnnbelle Comes Home) will star in Ghostbusters 2020, with Carrie Coon (The Leftovers) playing her mother. Finn Wolfhard (Stranger ThingsIT) will also star. Sigourney Weaver recently confirmed that she and the original cast were coming back for the sequel. Annie Potts also announced that she would be reprising her role as the Ghostbusters’ perpetually overworked secretary Janine Melnitz. Paul Rudd (Avengers: Endgame) will be playing a teacher in the film.

Official plot details have not been released, but the story will be an extension of the original Ghostbusters and will focus on a single mom and her family, with Coon playing the mom and Wolfhard playing her son.

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Jason Reitman (JunoYoung AdultTully) will direct the new film, taking over from his father Ivan Reitman who helmed the first two and will produce. We also know that Reitman, who had a cameo in 1989’s Ghostbusters 2, will be co-writing the script with Gil Kenan (Monster HousePoltergeist), who is no stranger to ghost stories.

The new Ghostbusters is slated to drop in theaters on July 10, 2020.

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