iOS 13 and iPadOS 13: Apple releases Developer Beta 6

Apple’s huge WWDC developer conference kicked off on Monday, and as expected, the company took the wraps off iOS 13. It’s the next major revision for one of the most important and influential operating systems of all time, with iOS used daily on over a billion iPhones and iPads. It looks to be a doozy.

Here are all the major new features that iOS 13 will bring to your iPhone and iPad when it releases this fall, along with details about supported devices and how to join the beta test to try it out early.

Update 08/07/19: Apple has released Developer Beta 6 of iOS 13 and iPadOS 13. This build will probably release as Public Beta 5; public betas typically follow later in the same day or the next day. This release features bug fixes and a few small tweaks, including new splash screens when opening Photos or the App Store and a new Control Center control for Dark Mode.

Installing the beta

As usual, Apple will beta test the new release with both developers and the public. Those with an active developer account can visit on the device they want to install the iOS or iPadOS beta on, and install the beta profile from there. The first developer beta was released on Monday, June 3, with a second release on Monday, June 17.

Apple said the public beta would begin in July, but surprised us with a June 24 release of the first public beta. If you’re interested in running it on your iPhone or iPad, head to on the device you want to install the beta on. Sign in, agree to the terms, and download the beta profile. Then head to Settings > General > Profile and make sure the profile is installed and active.

Installing the iOS 13 beta is then just like updating to any new release of iOS. Head to Settings > General > Software Update to begin the download and installation. Please note that iOS betas, while exciting, often have bugs, performance problems, stability problems, and poor battery life. This is especially true of the early betas! It’s not recommended that you install it on your primary device.

Dark Mode

Yes, the rumors are true. iOS 13 is finally bringing Dark Mode to Apple’s mobile OS. Apple showed new dark backgrounds, notifications, and widgets. All the Apple apps you rely on, from Messages to Mail to News and more, have new colors and dark backgrounds. Third-party developers will undoubtedly be quick to support this.


Dark Mode touches every aspect of iOS, including all Apple’s apps and even the keyboard.

Better performance, again

Apple focused on performance with iOS 12, making it much faster than the last few releases, especially on older devices. Apple has continued that work on iOS 13, taking a top-to-bottom approach to speeding up everything you do on your iPhone and iPad.