How to use synchronized lyrics in Apple Music on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV

Apple’s major new OS releases always come with a whole bunch of updates to its built-in apps. In iOS 13 and tvOS 13, the new marquee feature for Apple Music is the ability to show you song lyrics that sync with the music being played.

It’s just the thing to get ready for your next Karaoke night, or to host one with your Apple TV. Here’s how it works.

Synced lyrics on iPhone or iPad

You don’t need to do much to see synced lyrics on your iPhone or iPad, you just need to be running iOS 13 or iPadOS 13.

In Apple Music, tap the now playing bar at the bottom of the screen to show info about the song you’re playing.

Then just tap the lyrics button in the lower left.


Open the Now Playing screen and tap the Lyrics button. That’s it!

If the song has lyrics that sync with the music, you’ll see them in a large font, and the lyrics will automatically advance and highlight as the music plays. You can swipe up and down to scroll through the lyrics, and the playback will automatically jump to that point in the song.

ios13 lyrics compared IDG

Songs without synced lyrics (left) vs. songs with synced lyrics (right).

Not all songs have lyrics that will sync with playback. In that case, you’ll see the old style of lyrics sheet, with a much smaller font, and scrolling the lyrics will not change music playback.

Apple TV

To get synced lyrics on Apple TV, you need to be running tvOS 13.