Review: It’s Finally Here! J’Moris Drops ‘Moris Better: Loveless Confessions’ Album

J’Moris has been teasing singles and videos, it seems, since teasing singles has been a thing. His Spotify discography is singles only all the way back to his Blac February album in 2020, though that particular album still feels as fresh as ever. That said, fans better believe Moris Better: Loveless Confessions is fresh2death.

Where Blac February was heavy, political and fraught with tracks like “Venting,” “Alien” and “Letter to God,” Loveless Confessions is notably smoother around the edges both in style and substance. J’Moris has really embraced the melodic side of his voice, imbuing his lyrics with R&B, jazz and vocoder flourishes to compliment the chilled out trap and hip hop production by Supamario Beats (except for two tracks, “Work” and “Nana”).

Listeners shouldn’t, however, think J’Moris has lost his edge because of this shift in style. The title of the LP, Moris Better: Loveless Confessions is more than just a clever pun. While J’Moris is stating up front that he’s in a better mental state than he was in 2020 in this title and in much of the lyrical content, said lyrical content also still packs a punch. Ever introspective and honest, even with the romantic, smooth R&B player vibes, J’Moris’s work is always designed to make listeners think. We can groove and think, right?

The best example of this groove-whilst-pondering acumen is in the album’s title track. Clearly meant to be a bedroom track like many others on Loveless Confessions, this track talks about the nature of modern relationships, the drawing closer while pushing away, the addictive nature of toxic dynamics and the importance of owning up to it. In the midst of the full-on strip club vibes of tracks like “Work,” the romantically charged-but-graphic “Nana” and the heavy stoner vibes of the previously teased “Activated,” it’s this title track and others like “Skeletons” and “A You Thing” that really identify J’Moris’s style: the smooth always disguises the cerebral.

With another album’s worth of tracks not on Moris Better: Loveless Confessions, J’Moris is likely to go back to teasing tracks and dropping more videos after this album. It’s not as much of a snapshot than a continuation for this artist, for certain, so while there’s a lot to listen to and appreciate on this album, the next single will probably be coming soon, with even more surprises and definitely just as much heart.

Moris Better: Loveless Confessions is out now and can be streamed on Spotify. Keep and eye on J’Moris’s YouTube for more videos coming soon.

Source : Your Edm