Riding for the future: FISA launches reforestation initiative

With the support of the FIA Sustainability programme, the Bandama Rally Committee, one of Ivory Coast’s traditional sporting institutions, set up an ambitious reforestation programme. 

During the ceremony, 2,330 tree seeds in the form of “SeedBalls” were spread along the 391 kilometre race track, with all crews, media teams and FIA delegates participating and throwing seeds on the ground.

“Our goal is to ensure a more sustainable future and mark new generations”, says Alain Ambrosino, FISA President. “I hope that this significant initiative will be duplicated in all FISA future races and be echoed by other African federations”.

Working for the future and with future technologies was also the trigger for the setting up of a national eRally championship, from 25-27 February, in parallel to the land rally calendar. 

60 drivers from 8-21 years old took part in the race on FIA homologated kits. 

The winner, Sasha Nobou, was excited to be able to challenge the greatest eDrivers at an international level.

Also competing were great drivers including Cyril Bottari, Abdallah Hyjazi, Maxime Abondio, Hugo Borges, with the ARC team finally winning the first place and becoming the first Zambian Team of this prestigious competition.

Source : Fia