Chloe Cherry says being a porn star cost her friends

She talked about her experiences as a porn star recently on the podcast “Call Her Daddy.” Cherry said she worked really hard in the industry, where she starred in more than 200 films and has more than 125 million views on PornHub.
But there has been a downside to her success.
Cherry said “the only thing that sucks about working in porn is the way that people will treat you outside of the industry,” including her high school friends, who she said shunned her.
“I lost a lot of female friends because they thought I couldn’t be around them,” she said. “Or their boyfriend would say ‘No you can’t hang out with her’ and they actually would listen to them, which I thought was the craziest part.”
Cherry also said she suffered from an eating disorder while performing.
She said she went vegan and would limit herself to 200 calories a day, which left her feeling “miserable.”
The actress said she no longer diets at all and promoted seeking mental health support.
“I do not restrict my diet whatsoever,” she said. “And that’s why I think a lot of people don’t think that I went through an eating disorder because I’m skinnier now than I was even though I was starving myself then.”
Cherry also said she’s completely “done” with the porn industry.

Source : Cnn