Selma Blair granted a restraining order against former boyfriend

According to court documents obtained by CNN, the incident took place February 22, in which Blair’s lawyer claims that Ronald Arthur Carlson, her on-and-off boyfriend of seven years, came to Blair’s home to return a television set.
Blair wrote in the declaration that she had just finished an intravenous medical treatment for her Multiple Sclerosis when Carlson arrived. After a heated exchange Carlson allegedly jumped on top of Blair, who was lying down on a sofa, and “used both hands and grabbed [Blair] by her neck and strangled her, throttling her and shaking her head and shoulders aggressively,” the request for a restraining order states.
Photos in the court documents show Blair with marks and bruises on her face and neck.
According to the filing, Blair may have briefly lost consciousness but managed to stand up before Carlson allegedly slapped her to the floor and that’s when her nose began to bleed. He also allegedly threatened to kill her multiple times during the incident.
The LAPD were called to Blair’s home and while they were interviewing her about the incident, her nose began to bleed again and she lost consciousness. She was then taken to the hospital.
Carlson was arrested the following day, according to the documents. He denies attacking Blair.
A court hearing has been set for March 22, when the temporary restraining order expires.
CNN has reached out to lawyers for both Blair and Carlson for comment.

Source : Cnn