European ASN delegates united to support Ukraine

With the support of the Mayor of the Italian town of Melfi, Mario Walter Oliva, ACI Delegate for the Central European Zonein collaboration with Jarosław Noworól, PZM Delegate for CEZ, delivered humanitarian aids for Ukrainian refugees.

The convoy, transporting humanitarian aid essentials including medicines, blankets, and baby food left the Italian town of Melfi on March 4, covering over 2,000 km and heading to the city of Jarosław, Poland, located about 30km from the Ukrainian border.

The goods were delivered to refugees through the Higher School of Technology and Economics (PWSTE) collection point in Jarosław. Refugees and their families were also provided with 40 bus seats to be safely brought to Italy and join their families.

Since the beginning of the war, more than a two million people have fled Ukraine and crossed into neighboring nations and the UN estimates their numbers will likely top four million in coming weeks and months.

During the mission, the delegation has been in active contact with the PZM Autosport Commission and other organisations of the Central European Zone about the ground situation and transport-related information. Also participating in the initiative was Martin Suchy from the Austria Motorsport Federation (AMF).

“We were pleased to collaborate with the PZM Autosport Commission”, said Mario Walter Oliva, ACI’s Delegate for CEZ.

“After delivering the essential supplies, we filled the bus with 38 women and children, including a month-old baby, and drove them back to Italy.

“It was remarkable to see the cohesion and collaboration of the CEZ team, beyond its sport commitments, in these difficult circumstances,” he summarised.

“I was positively surprised when Mario asked me for help in his trip to Poland with humanitarian aid for Ukrainian refugees”, said Jarosław Noworól, PZM’s Delegate for CEZ.

“I live in Rzeszów, 90km from Ukrainian border, but I work in the Higher School of Technology and Economics in Jarosław (even closer), which was the best place to collect all goods from Mario’s team.

“We are living in a very difficult time for Ukraine, for Poland and for whole Europe. Every day, our volunteers are helping more than 100,000 people coming to Poland. We have to help each other, and Mario initiative is a perfect example of how the FIA family stays together in both good and bad times.”

Source : Fia