First impressions of the new iPhone 13 and 13 Pro: Green is green

Along with the iPhone SE and iPad Air, Apple has new iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro models in green for preorder today. Several reviewers have gotten to spend some time with the new shade ahead of their release on Friday, March 18, and have shared their thoughts. The consensus? They’re green. If you want to read exactly how green they are, here are the greenest quotes we could find.

Engadget: While the new iPhone 13 hues look earthier and closer to a leafy green, the Pro flagships come with a sort of frosted finish that helps them better reject smudges. It also makes the color a little paler and adds a metallic sheen.

CNN: The iPhone 13 Mini’s take on green is pretty dark, and unless you hit it with direct light (ambient or from the sun) it doesn’t pop. For the “Star Wars” nerds out there, it’s somewhere in between Baby Yoda green and the color of Boba Fett’s armor.

Elle: Usually, I’d be more inclined to associate these thawing months with pastel hues of green, but it stands to reason that olive tones are staple neutrals. 

ZDNet: The iPhone 13’s green color is glossy, like the rest of the color options, and looks more like a camouflage green to my eyes. It’s as dark as the photos on Apple’s website look, but perhaps slightly more vibrant. 

MKBHD: The regular green on the standard iPhone is a little more saturated, more Kelly green than I was expecting. It also makes the Apple logo stand out more than I like.

Rene Ritchie: These are the absolute nicest greens that Apple has ever released.

Of course, the green color is really only visible to other people looking at you looking at your iPhone, so if you want the new green wallpaper to pretend like you have a new one, you can download it on your old and busted blue or pink iPhone 13.

Source : Macworld