Bodies scrambled across unofficial escape route as Kyiv braces for bombardment

Soldiers are fighting on multiple points to the north, west and east of the Ukrainian capital as Russian troops intensify their efforts to close in on Kyiv.
We saw dead bodies being stretchered out across the unofficial corridor out of Irpin, a satellite town on the outskirts of Kyiv.

There were also a number of casualties – most seemed to be old men or elderly women.
Ukraine-Russia live updates – new satellite images show devastation in Mariupol
One pensioner had a bandage wrapped round his head and his face was still bloodied. Many spoke of remaining in their homes until they no longer felt safe.


One woman told us she was in her home on the ninth floor of an apartment block when she heard an incoming rocket.

“Something went through the air and then boom,” she told us, throwing her arms wide to show the strength of the blast.

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“All the windows shattered and our balcony fell down…and the tenth floor above us was just dust.

“My daughter came in and said ‘mamma take your stuff’. Until this happened, until today, I didn’t want to leave my town.”
She sobs, gulping back her tears.
“Are you all right?” we ask her. She looks up at us. “Yes, yes, I’m ok, thank you,” she says before her face creases again in tears and she shakes her head. She cannot believe what’s happening to them all.
The country’s main city would be a tremendous prize for the Russian leader so there are constant incredible efforts to try to build barricades and defensive positions down as many streets and roads of this sprawling capital as they can.

Image: Alex Crawford on Irpin bridge, on the outskirts of Kyiv
In the meantime, a team of volunteers, emergency workers and soldiers are busy trying to get as many civilians as possible out of the towns and villages which seem to be on the verge of being overrun by Russian troops.
Although there are some agreed humanitarian corridors, there are several unofficial escape routes including over the bombed bridge linking Irpin with the capital.
We saw a steady trail of elderly people, the injured and the very frail push themselves through their terror to try to reach what they see as safety on the other side.

In reality, they are heading into more uncertainty as the country’s main city braces itself for a bombardment they anticipate could be even more severe than that being unleashed on Mariupol right now.
Russian jets scream overhead homes and road networks, terrifying the residents living and moving below.
We saw Ukrainian troops trying to bring one down, firing an anti-aircraft rocket which left a trail of white smoke in its wake, missing its target. Everyone below knows the jets will be back.
One Ukrainian MP, who’s joined the civil defence and taken up arms, spoke to us angrily about what he sees as the West’s intransigence.
“It’s very strange that the European Union says they don’t want to close the sky,” Geo Leros said.
“What the f**k, sorry, but don’t be like a p***y. We’re a small country to take on Russian and Belarus…you must give us a plan…Putin is second Hitler and it’s not only our country…we protect all of Europe.”
Alex Crawford is reporting from Ukraine with cameraman Jake Britton and producers Chris Cunningham, Jake Jacobs and Oleksandre Piskun.

Source : Sky News