Woman killed after knife-wielding man targets people in Sydney

A woman has died after a knife-wielding man yelling “Allahu akbar” – or “God is great” – attempted to stab several people in Australia.
Police say the man has been arrested and is being questioned following the incident at a busy intersection in Sydney.

The woman’s body was found in an apartment building near the scene.

Image: The man was pinned down until police arrived
Lee Cuthbert, Paul O’Shaughnessy and his brother Luke, all from Manchester, were working in their recruitment company office when they heard shouting in the street and gave chase.
They managed to pin down the man and restrain him until police arrived.


Mr O’Shaughnessy said: “We saw what was going on and chased the man.

“He had a knife, it was covered in blood. He kept saying something in Arabic, he was clearly under the influence of something.

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Image: Paul O’Shaughnessy and his brother Luke managed to restrain the man until police arrived
“My brother Luke managed to keep him pinned down until the police arrived. My brother put a crate and a chair to keep him pinned down. He didn’t show any remorse at all.”
A witness told reporters the man was screaming comments about religion, before yelling to police that he wanted to be shot.
Video footage showed a young man running across a city intersection and jumping on to the hood of a car, waving what appeared to be a long-bladed knife.
Police said he used the Arabic phrase “Allahu akbar”.
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said: “The violent attack that took place in Sydney this afternoon is deeply concerning.
“The attacker is now in police custody following the brave actions of those who were present at the scene and were able to able to restrain him.”

Source : Sky News