Hacks: Tall tales of Apple security woes

Have you heard the one about the Face ID “hack”?

WELL. Keep your hands and feet inside the cart as this ride can take sudden turns.

Writing for the Forbes contributor network and yodeling mime academy, Davey Winder says “Apple’s iPhone FaceID Hacked In Less Than 120 Seconds.” (Tip o’ the antlers to @designheretic.)

“Hacked”, you will not be surprised to discover, is used somewhat loosely in this context.

What you need to know is this is an extremely clever and dangerous hack that that puts you in danger right now. Its keep element is just one thing: free access to the unconscious body of the iPhone owner. That’s it.

Winder does admit:

Somewhat ironically, I don’t think you need to lose too much sleep over this one.

You might, however, want to rethink your tendency to get blackout drunk and fall asleep in Grand Central Station while looking at your iPhone in glasses that have white tape on them covered by black tape which has a little hole in it to simulate irises. Seriously, Greg, your partner, your friends, your family… we’re all concerned about you. This is an intervention.