Like the iPhone SE, the next Apple Watch SE might have a higher price

While all eyes will be on the Apple Watch Series 8, Apple will reportedly also update the Apple Watch SE this fall. And if you’ve been waiting to buy one, you might need to save a few more bucks.

According to LeaksApplePro, Apple will bump the price of the Apple Watch SE to $299 this year. That’s a hike of $20 over the current price and a somewhat surprising move, especially since the $199 Apple Watch Series 3 is likely going away. It’s not clear if Apple will sell the current SE at that price point or simply push the entire line to a higher tier. Apple bumped the price of the refreshed iPhone SE this year as well to $429 from $399.

However, you will be getting more for your money. The Apple Watch SE 2 will reportedly get the newer S7 chip (which is just a rebranded S6 chip), as well as an always-on display, improved speaker, third-generation optical heart sensor, and an electrical heart sensor (ECG), according to LeaksApplePro.

That would mean the Apple Watch SE is essentially a Series 5 with a newer chip. An always-on display would be the biggest upgrade, but an ECG sensor would be a significant improvement as well. The Apple Watch SE is a relatively rudimentary smartwatch, with a heart-rate sensor and a handful of health features, including fall detection, noise monitoring, and irregular heart rhythm and rate notifications. An SE 2 with advanced sensors would be an attractive option for people, even with a $20 price bump.

LeaksApplePro also says the Apple Watch SE 2 will come in the same sizes (40mm and 44mm), design, and battery life. The Apple Watch SE 2 is expected to launch in September alongside the iPhone 14.

Source : Macworld