First FIA Digital Seminar for Africa concludes successfully

95 participants coming from 16 African countries, including FIA Sporting Member Clubs’ Presidents & Delegates, and FIA staff, gathered remotely for the first edition of the FIA Digital Seminar for Africa “Accelerating Motor Sport and Empowering African Member Clubs”.

The seminar, first of a bi-monthly series, was organised by the Sport Club Liaison Office of the FIA Sport Development Department and headed by Rodrigo Rocha, FIA Vice President for Sport – Africa, and provided a unique opportunity for Clubs and the FIA to share knowledge and experiences about the challenges of the African region. 

Presentations and discussions focused on the importance of social media, communications, and environmental sustainability within the sporting community, and on how FIA Sporting Organisations can benefit from the tools and platforms available.

An interactive and informative debate addressed current challenges and opportunities for National Sporting Authorities and National Automobile Clubs through FIA initiatives such as Rally Star and the FIA African Karting Cup.

During the environmental sustainability session, Derek Jacobs from the Namibia Motor Sport Federation(NMSF) and Marius Matthee from Motorsport South Africa (MSA) presented case studies and concrete examples of how FIA sporting organisations can improve sustainable practices.

On the Mobility side, FIA Vice President for Automobile Mobility and Tourism – ACTA Simon Modisaemang highlighted the importance of synergies between Sport and Mobility and cross-pillar collaboration on forthcoming projects.

In his address to Clubs, FIA Deputy President for Sport Robert Reid said: 
“I would like to thank you all for your participation and I would like to thank Rodrigo for the important work he is conducting at the moment on the ‘health check’ survey of FIA Sporting Member Clubs. 

“One of the main outputs of this survey will be a bespoke development plan for Africa. We recognise that each region is different and we want to make sure that the support we give to Africa addresses the challenges of each Club and not just the worldwide situation.”

Rodrigo Rocha, FIA Vice President for Sport – Africa, said: “The main objective of the FIA Digital Seminars is to provide our members with the relevant tools to improve and create awareness on their activities within the African region and beyond”.

“The Environmental Sustainability session also allowed Clubs to share best practices already in place in the region and to learn how to improve environmental performance of their organisations and events.”

“I believe that innovative content and transparent discussions were key to the success of this first meeting.”

The Seminar also included an update on the global rally talent detection programme FIA Rally Star, with the continental final for Africa scheduled to take place at the end of the month in Pretoria, South Africa. Communication opportunities for the FIA African Rally Championship and assets to promote spectator safety for ASNs organising rally events were also discussed.

FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem welcomed the initiative on Twitter: “The first FIA Digital Seminar for Africa took place on 5 May, bringing together 95 participants including Presidents and Delegates of FIA Sporting Member Clubs /ASNs and ACNs) and FIA Staff. I welcome this successful initiative which contributes to develop motor sport in the African region.”

Source : Fia