Glenn Close has thoughts about the ‘Fatal Attraction’ reboot

Glenn Close talked to “Entertainment Tonight” recently at the New York premiere of her Apple TV+ series, “Tehran.”
She played Alex Forrest in the film and said she will always love the character in part because “It was a very important step in my career.”
Close said she would like to see Alex get more of a story in the planned Paramount+ miniseries based on the movie.
“I hope they tell her backstory, her side of the story,” she said. “I mean, I would be flattered if it was the one that we came up with (originally), but obviously I’ll be very curious.”
Her famed character “is a human being in need of great help. She’s a fragile person,” she said.
Joshua Jackson and Lizzy Caplan are set to star in the reboot, the premiere date of which has not yet been announced.

Source : Cnn