Ruling party MP dies and homes of parliamentarians set on fire during day of violence in Sri Lanka

An MP in Sri Lanka’s ruling party has died after a stand-off with anti-government protesters and the homes of a number of other MPs have been set on fire as violence escalated in the country.
The prime minister has quit and his younger brother, who is the president, is also under pressure to go as the country grapples with the worst economic crisis in its history.

Mahinda Rajapaksa’s resignation came hours after police used tear gas and water cannons on pro-government supporters who had stormed an anti-government protest camp outside the president and prime minister’s offices in the capital Colombo.
There were reports of multiple attacks on houses and election offices of politicians.
Pro-government supporters were attacked in at least four locations as they were returning from Colombo, it was reported.


The houses of at least two mayors were also set on fire, police sources told Reuters.

A nationwide curfew has been imposed, on top of the state of emergency that President Gotabaya Rajapaksa declared last week in the face of escalating protests.
Nalaka Godahewa, a government spokesman, said all cabinet members had also stepped down.

Source : Sky News