If you want to trade in your old iPhone, Mac, or Apple Watch, now is the time

Nearly every carrier offers some sort of incentive to trade in your old phone in favor of a new one, including Apple. But for the next couple of weeks, the pot is a little sweeter. Through May 31, Apple is increasing trade-in values for many iPhones, Macs, iPads, and Apple Watches in many of its online stores around the world, including the US store and UK store.

You get as much as $50/£50 more than usual for trading in an iPhone 12 Pro or Pro Max, but the bonuses go down from there. Trading in a three-year old iPhone XS (probably a common occurrence) only nets you $210/£190, up from $200/£170. Apple Watch trade-in values are, at best, $40/£30 better, again for the most recent Apple Watch Series 6. Trade-in values for the Mac aren’t very good to begin with, and have only gone up about $10/£10 more, though in the UK the MacBook Air can fetch you up to £30 more.


To check the trade-in value of your device, head over to Apple’s Trade In site, scroll down to the Trade-in Estimate section, and select the product you have. You’ll need to type in the serial number and some information about the product, and Apple will give you an estimate for what it’s worth. To get the extra credit, you’ll need to purchase a new Apple device by May 31.

Source : Macworld