Trivecta provides a career defining performance with his debut album, ‘The Way Back Up’

The number of times I’ve been fortunate enough to see Trivecta live is devastatingly low (twice), but the number of times I’ve streamed his music, particularly “Wasteland,” is astronomical. From all the way back in 2014 when I was downloading Monstercat compilations off Pirate Bay (sorry, Mike) to all of his recent releases on Ophelia, the Tampa, FL native has consistently pushed his own limits while incorporating new sounds and influences into music.

It all culminates today with the release of his debut album, The Way Back Up. Within the first six songs, we already get five different genres: the classic melodic dubstep, a bit of country/folk, some liquid drum & bass, uber wonky bass, and some heavier dubstep with psytrance.

Even the next song, “Memory Away” with fakelife, features some of his iconic guitar riffs.

The Way Back Up is Trivecta’s first album in his career and it’s a phenomenal listen start to finish. Check it out below.

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Source : Your Edm