The Lutiband is a high-tech lifesaver — literally

The problem with many medical alert devices now is they’re the same as a smartwatch. If it isn’t within WiFi range, it’s basically useless. That’s not the case with the Lutiband, a first-of-its-kind wearable that doesn’t need your smartphone nearby to exercise all of its potentially life-saving properties.

Lutiband keeps an eye on its subjects’ vitals, such as heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, and body temperature. In an emergency, the user only has to press and hold Lutiband’s medical alert for three seconds. That initiates a two-way voice call to emergency services to send for help, even if the victim doesn’t have a phone.

Meanwhile, Lutiband sends the vital information it’s collected to 911, including location and emergency contact data. That info and user biometrics give first responders the best possible opportunity to arrive and assist. From a medical episode to a fall, the Lutiband might just save your life.

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The Lutiband features an international 4G LTE sim card for reliable communications when needed. It’s also pretty handy when you’re healthy, too, offering text and even audio messaging so family members can check in, make sure the wearer is ok, and even ask questions, all through the band.

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LutiBand Smartwatch: The Next Generation of Medical Alert Devices – $99.99

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Source : Macworld