Logos define your brand. BuildMyLogo can create one for just $29.99

There’s no more recognizable piece of brand identity than a company logo, but for small businesses, getting it right isn’t easy. These companies often spend anywhere from $300 to $1,300 or more on their logo, which isn’t cheap. The Complete Logo Kit by BuildMyLogo can take the burden of creating or paying to create a logo right off a business owner’s shoulders.

Simply enter a brand name and answer a handful of questions. BuildMyLogo uses those details to draft logo options that fit your project. It creates logos in real-time, and you can customize their styles and colors. Once finished, you receive a vector file with different color variations and file options. You can use your creation anywhere and in virtually any size you want, from a t-shirt or hat up to a billboard. BuildMyLogo can even illustrate how your logo would look on various promotional products.

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Whether you need one logo for a new business or several logos for multiple initiatives, the Complete Logo Kit by BuildMyLogo makes the process ridiculously simple. You can get lifetime access today for $29.99 or 25% off. 

The Complete Logo Kit by BuildMyLogo – $29.99

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