The Best Wedding Outfits to Wear This Summer

From July to September of last year, right in the height of the wedding season, I had three that I had RSVPed to—all of them in different cities and all of them with different dress codes. Which means I had to fork over a lot of dollars: three different flights and hotels to book, and three wedding outfits to purchase.

The first two were outdoors, each in a different part of Maine, with one having a semiformal dress code and the other having a dressy-casual one. Even though they were up north, it was still the height of summer, and I understood that my suits had to be up to snuff. The one hanging in my closet—at least the only one that fit—was a black suit that was made of wool. This wasn’t going to work. So for the first wedding, I got my hands on a wool-silk blend in gray. I paired it with a white cotton dress shirt and beige linen tie and matching pocket square. My shoes were brown loafers.

For my second Maine-bound trip—which took me two planes and a two-hour car ride to get to—I opted for a tan seersucker suit. Because the journey was long and the party laidback, the lightweight, already-crinkled material was the most ideal thing to pack. So too was a polo shirt, but I opted for a blue dress shirt at the last minute, which I kept unbuttoned. And because the rest of my outfit was relaxed, I decided to spruce it up with a pair of oxfords.

Basically, that key factor to consider before copping a wedding outfit is the material. You want fibers that are breezy, and can help you stand in the hot sun for hours on end. Wearing a light color will also help ward off the heat. And whether you are a guest or standing at the altar, the aforementioned outfits—along with others below—are the best options for a summer wedding.

(Oh, and as for the last wedding, it was a black-tie dress code in a climate-controlled environment. My go-to black wool suit worked just fine.)

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Dressy Casual: The Seersucker Suit

Italian Stretch Seersucker Suit

The beauty of seersucker is that it is already wrinkled; its the most travel-ready fabric around. It’s also super lightweight and airy, but has just enough structure to keep you looking sophisticated at any casual wedding you have coming up.

Dressy Casual: The Polo Shirt

Soft Cotton Polo Shirt

Polo Ralph Lauren

You don’t always need to wear a dress shirt with suit. If the event is pretty laidback, a great polo will work just nicely—if not better.

Dressy Casual: The Loafers

Gommino Driving Shoes

Loafers are equal parts easy and elegant, and this pair from Tod’s is one of the best.

Beach Casual: The Cotton-Linen Suit

Ludlow Slim-Fit Unstructured Suit Jacket Irish Cotton-Linen

Ludlow Slim-fit unstructured Suit Pant

$128 at J Crew

Though they may not be wrinkle-resistant, linen and cotton are great options for a summer wedding. The fibers are denser, sure, but that gives them more structure, which makes them ideal for formal, semiformal, and casual events alike. The overall vibe really depends on the colors and the silhouette. Note: fitted darker styles are dressier.

Beach Casual: The White Oxford-Cloth Shirt

The Japanese Slim Fit Oxford

Ah, a white oxford-cloth button-down. It an essential, a classic style that every man should have in his wardrobe. But if you’re looking for new crisp one, Everlane’s slim-fit oxford, made of 100 percent cotton, is as reliable as it gets.

Beach Casual: The Knit Tie

Pointed Tip Knit Tie

The Tie Bar

There’s nothing like a great silk knit tie to add some texture to your overall look. (The same could be said of ones made of linen and linen-blends, too.)

Beach Casual: The Loafers

Townee Suede Penny Loafers

If your suit is on the lighter side, loafers in beige, brown, or earthtones will definitely ground your whole outfit. Chukkas in the same colorways are also a great idea.

Cocktail: The Cotton and Hemp-Blend Suit

Slim-Fit Unstructured Double-Breasted Cotton and Hemp-Blend Suit Jacket

Oliver Spencer

A suit made of cotton is alreay summer-ready, but when blended with hemp, it is that much breezier. And if you really want to impart an air of distinction, but keep some semblance of chill, try a double-breasted option in cream or tan.

Cocktail: The Dress Shirt

Stretch Regent Regular-Fit Dress Shirt

Brooks Brothers

With a cream suit, you’re going to want to add a little color. It could either be dark or light (like this purple option), but both will work. And depending on the dress code, you could add a tie or leave your collar unbuttoned.

Cocktail: The Silk Tie

Diagonal Stripe Silk Tie

If the wedding is a more formal affair, a great silk tie with a sleek pattern that picks up on the color of your dress shirt is what you need.

Cocktail: The Oxford Shoes

Park Avenue Cap Toe Oxford Shoe

Allen Edmonds

Since you’re classing it up with a double-breasted jacket and tie, keep the momentum going by pairing it with brown oxfords.

Semiformal: The Wool-Silk Suit

Navy Havana Suit


For fancy fêtes, look no further than suit made of a wool-silk blend. Styles in the material are usually sharply tailored, and have a slight shine that’ll really elevate your look.

Semiformal: The Linen-Blend Shirt

Cotton and Linen-Blend Shirt

Brown and blue is color combination that doesn’t get enough credit. So if you’re opting for navy suit, pair it with this earthy linen-blend style.

Semiformal: The Pocket Square

‘Three Panel’ Silk Pocket Square

Semiformal: The (Just Different Enough) Shoes

Oba Embroidered Derby Shoe

Armando Cabral

There are all different types of dress shoes in a slew of colors. All you have to do is choose your champion. But if you want something unique—something that’ll go nicely with that paisley pocket square above—just take a gander at this leather derby with fun embroideries.

Casual: The Cotton-Twill Blazer

Garment-Dyed Organic Cotton-Twill Blazer

Some people prefer very casual weddings, but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo decorum altogether. Keep it sophisticated with a single-breasted blazer, preferably one made of cotton-twill, which is equal parts easy and elevated.

Casual: The Gingham Shirt

Classic-Fit Gingham Button-Down Shirt

Vineyard Vines

A dress shirt with a classic pattern is always a great idea. The stalwarts include vertical stripes and the always-reliable gingham.

Casual: The Chinos

Slim-Fit 5-Pocket Chino

Todd Snyder

Chinos are the most standard of pants. But Todd Snyder, characteristically, has updated the style by tapering the silhouette and adding a bit of stretch.

Casual: The Chelsea Boots

Bruchsalflex Ankle Boot


Now 34% off

Chelsea boots always look great with a slim-fit chino. And this one from Aldo, in a rich cognac color, will gel nicely with the barley-colored pant above.

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