For under $30, this collection can turn you into a Microsoft Office expert

You could be an old hand at Microsoft Office from way back, but you know there’s always more in that versatile productivity package to explore. Even Mac lovers can see the value in having access to the world’s most popular app suite, and The 2022 Microsoft Office Essentials Training Bundle can make sure any student is ready to navigate its array of tools like an absolute expert.

This training includes 8 courses and almost 24 hours of instruction in the proper care and feeding of Office’s most popular and most productive apps. With the help of these comprehensive courses, users can expand their knowledge in Office staples to an elite level, all without wasting a minute of their valuable time.

Each of the eight courses in The 2022 Microsoft Office Essentials Training Bundle is a $199 value on its own, but as part of this bundle, shoppers can now get it all for only $29, less than $4 per course. 

The 2022 Microsoft Office Essentials Training Bundle – $29

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Source : Macworld