The iPhone 14 Pro might finally have an always-on display

If there’s one feature that has been glaringly absent from iPhones in recent years, it’s an always-on display. But a new report suggests it might finally be on the way.

Display Supply Chain Consultants CEO Ross Young reported that this year he is “expecting” Apple to adopt an LPTO display that lowers the refresh rate all the way down to 1Hz when not in use. That’s even lower than the iPhone 13’s OLED display, which drops to 10Hz.

A lower refresh rate is critical for preserving battery life, as the faster a screen refreshes the less battery it uses. For example, the Apple Watch, which has had an always-on display to show a watch face since the Series 5, can lower its refresh rate from 60Hz to 1Hz to conserve battery life when the always-on display is visible.

A standard feature on Android phones, an always-on display would allow the iPhone to show basic stats such as the time, date, and notifications when the screen is off. It traditionally shows white text against an all-black screen, though some implementations use color. Apple has been rumored to be experimenting with an always-on display for years but has yet to implement the technology on any device other than the Apple Watch.

The new iPhones are expected to launch this September. You can keep up with the latest rumors with our iPhone 14 superguide, or pick up a bargain on the current range with our roundup of the best iPhone deals.

Source : Macworld