Offcloud Unlimited makes file transfers and downloads a whole lot easier

The file transfer process isn’t usually difficult…but it can be time-consuming, a bit mentally taxing, and a whole lot of annoying, especially when you’re trying to pull down a large file. You may even need to go through a multi-step process of downloading your file or video to your device, then figuring out where to save it long-term so it doesn’t clog up your hard drive, then transfer it again to its new home. And as any BitTorrent fans can tell you, those downloads can be slow. Agonizingly slow.

Offcloud Unlimited speeds up that process, automatically syncing up your various cloud platforms and streamlining your download so you can always enjoy top speeds and finish file transfers in record time.

Offcloud is basically a cloud-based content management system. Just find the file you want to download and get started. Offcloud determines the most efficient way to grab that file, downloads it to their cloud storage facilities, then lets you download it to your device at the cleanest, fastest possible speed.

For BitTorrent users who get tired of slow connection speeds that can grind downloads to a halt, Offcloud frees up that process. In fact, Offcloud is kind of a skeleton key for the web, helping to make loads of different downloading processes a whole lot easier. From accessing Usenet/newsgroups, unlocking restrictions from Uploaded and Rapidgator, backing up video from YouTube, converting Soundcloud music to MP3 files, and more, Offcloud is an ultra-versatile tool to help make everything easier.

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Offcloud works brilliantly with all the major cloud platforms, including Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon Cloud Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive. And users can also sync virtually anything to NAS (Network Attached Storage), FTP (File Transfer Protocol), or WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning).

A lifetime subscription to all the time-saving abilities of Offcloud Unlimited is usually a $699 value. But with the current deal, you can speed up all your downloading and save more than 90% off and get your lifetime Offcloud access for just $39.99.

Prices are subject to change

Source : Macworld