Howen & Trevor Omoto Showcase Future House At Its Finest With “Not Mine”

Howen is a 20 year old producer/DJ/musician from the Netherlands who loves jazz and funk and doesn’t hide it in his music. His sound is unique, combining EDM, Pop and Jazz/Funk influences to create something that you won’t hear very often in the Dance scene. His music has earned the support of major labels as well, as he’s already released with Spinnin’, Universal and Heartfeldt Records.

Trevor Omoto is an electronic DJ/Producer from Toronto, Canada. Near the end of 2019, Trevor finally found the break that he was looking for when Brooks and Jonas Aden reacted to his unreleased single. The Way” which they instantly fell in love with. A couple of minutes later, his phone started blowing up and thousands of people started following and messaging him which drastically changed his view on music. He started getting recognition from other sensational international artists and that was when Trevor knew he has the ability to make a positive impact in the dance community. 

Now, these two talented artists have come together for their Future House single, “Not Mine“, rendering a sophisticated sound to the genre that you’d typically hear. Between a beautiful topline and a flurry of melodies, Howen & Omoto create a track that is sure to stand the test of time. 

Listen below!

Source : Your Edm