Upgrade your Mac with nine cool utility apps for under $50

App bundles are like Christmas. They’re a mountain of treasures stacked up all for you that you whip open in a frenzy of activity. Then you spend the rest of the following day, week, or month inspecting each to uncover all of its hidden joys. 

With the Complete Utility Pro Lifetime Mac Bundle, Mac owners can experience that overwhelming rush of excitement with nine new apps ready to help spiff up every aspect of their computer’s operations — and they’re all dropped into your lap at once.

Since everything starts with connectivity, AirRadar Wi-Fi Finder, rated 4 out of 5 on MacUpdate, helps you find open wireless networks everywhere you go. Then, jump in and use a handful of these apps to clean up your Mac’s processing abilities, from MacPilot with over 1,200 features to optimize its performance to MacCleanse and MacMagic for eliminating caches of unwanted files and unnecessary resource hogs.

Data Guardian tightens up security over all your logins, passwords, credit card numbers, and more, while Display Maestro improves resolution on your Mac and all your attached devices. Then Alarm Clock Pro serves as a watchful eye over all your time management tasks, including to-do lists, task reminders, and a cool alarm clock.

Finally, users can appreciate all their media resources as Librarian Pro lets you browse all their movies, games, music, and more like it was on a virtual bookshelf. There’s even Mystery Island II, a Myst-style adventure game that’ll probably eat up more hours than you care to admit.

Most of these apps cost $29 individually, but you can purchase them all for only $49 as part of the Complete Utility Pro Lifetime Mac Bundle — that’s about $5.50 per app! 

The Complete Utility Pro Lifetime Mac Bundle – $49

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Source : Macworld