Find the best free WiFi anywhere you go with 70% off AirRadar

When you’re home or at work, it’s usually no problem. But once you’re outside your usual haunts, finding a free WiFi network isn’t always easy. Keeping your Mac tethered via WiFi can be a chore, especially when on the road. AirRadar WiFi Finder can streamline the process and find accessible public WiFi near you when you need it most.

AirRadar is your eyes and ears for staying connected anywhere. While you travel, the app uses advanced GPS to register any WiFi networks in your vicinity on an easy-to-read map. Whether you’re zipping along surface streets or hoofing it on foot, AirRadar designates open networks with a pleasant green dot, while restricted closed networks get a warning red dot. That way, you can always have an up-to-date map of every open spot to connect anywhere. 

Along with that comprehensive guide, AirRadar has some advanced features to help you get and stay connected. This includes favorite tags for your top WiFi locations, auto-join capabilities to connect to the strongest networks, detailed analytics to chart signal strength, network congestion, and more.

With all those customization options, it’s easy to spot your closest connection hotspots, designate colors and audio cues to your favorites, save network passwords, and even hear network names read aloud. You won’t have to get yourself in trouble looking at the map while driving.

A lifetime AirRadar WiFi Finder license is on sale for 70% off or just $29.99. 

Prices subject to change

Source : Macworld