20 Can’t-Miss Deals from Lululemon’s ‘We Made Too Much’ Sale

Not long ago, I was at one of those dinner parties with assigned seating. You know, the ones where you have to put effort into making conversation. The ones where you have to dress up a little bit. The ones where you have to be on. Me? I was off my game. Tired, for one thing. And wearing the wrong pants, for another. My go-to jeans were feeling too tight. I stayed quiet most of the time to hide my discomfort, and refrained from eating too much in fear that a button might burst.

The fella seated next to me, however, was a social butterfly. He wore a pair of slim-fit brown trousers with a blue button-down. He looked at ease, seated at his chair, pouring himself ample glasses of red. I found out that he was a sports writer. I also found out that he was wearing Lululemon, the activewear brand beloved by yogis and card-carrying members of Equinox. While I was sausaged in stuff with no stretch whatsoever, this man was essentially wearing workout clothes.

That’s the beauty of Lululemon: the brand’s wares are so sleek and so elevated that they could work for dinner parties. They are also the kinds of things that you can toss into a suitcase and not worry about wrinkles. More importantly, they are super comfortable. And right now, many quality goods are stocked in the brand’s sale section, called “We Made Too Much.”

So, don’t be like me and wallow in misery. Be like that sports writer and get your hands on some great travel-ready trousers, shirts, tees, and more for up to 50 percent off. I promise that any of these pieces will save you from undue aggravation at any function, formal or otherwise.

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Bowline Short

$78 (50% off)

Pace Breaker Short

$68 (28% off)

ABC Relaxed-Fit Crop Pant

$128 (46% off)

City Excursion Jacket

$148 (40% off)

Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeve Shirt 2.0

$78 (31% off)

License to Train Linerless Short

$88 (33% off)

Surge Warm Half-Zip Shirt

$118 (42% off)

The Fundamental T-Shirt

$68 (28% off)

At Ease Hoodie

$148 (33% off)

ABC Jogger (Tall)

$128 (30% off)

Textured Tech Hoodie

$148 (47% off)

Soft Knit Overshirt

$118 (33% off)

ABC Cropped Pull-On Pant

$128 (46% off)

Textured Training Short Sleeve Shirt

$88 (27% off)

City Sweat Jogger

$118 (42% off)

T.H.E. Short 9″ Linerless

$68 (28% off)

Shift Stitch Crew

$98 (30% off)

Drysense Training Hoodie

$118 (37% off)

French Terry Oversized Long Sleeve Crew

$118 (33% off)

City Sweat Jogger (Tall)

$118 (25% off)

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Source : Esquire